The World’s Most Gorgeous Weather Girls

Someone check the temperature, cause it’s getting hot in here! While there should be no correlation between having a meteorology degree and being smoking hot, it seems to be that these gorgeous weather girls from all over the globe have both beauty and brains in spades! Many of them look like supermodels, and some of them also have modeling careers which they do on the side, as they are just so drop dead gorgeous.

Maria Quiban – On Air

Maria Quiban has been working in meteorology since before she graduated from Mississippi State University, back in 2005. She works for KTTV-TV in LA, but originally comes from Hawaii. She has been with KTTV since before she got her degree, and has actually been working with them for 17 years. Maria Quiban news anchor

Before then, she was with KHNL which is a station in Hawaii. She is a natural in front of the camera, which explains what she does in her spare time.

Maria Quiban – Off Air

As well as her work as a weather girl and a meteorologist, Maria Quiban is an accomplished actress! She has appeared in TV programmes such as Criminal Minds, and movies like Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman.

Sadly, her husband Sean Whitsell died in 2015 of a glioblastoma, leaving her the single mom to one son, Gus, as well as her grown up child, Desmond from a previous marriage.

Chita Craft – On Air

One of Texas’s finest, is their weather girl, Chita Craft, who works for the KHOU weather team out of Houston. She has been there for more than five years, starting out with them in July 2011, after moving to Texas from California.

Chita Craft news

How do you like the weather Chita? She is endorsed by the National Weather Association, and won Best Media Personality two years running when she worked at KRCR in California.

Chita Craft – Off Air

Chita and her husband Lane welcomed their son, Les William Craft earlier this year, a bouncing baby boy to join their family. Interestingly, while a lot of newscasters do not change their name when they get married, the news station was totally okay with Chita changing hers.

Chita Craft life

They even created a news segment on it, to help ease the transition! In her spare time, she likes spending time with her dog, a schnauzer called Doppler!

Sugey Abrego – On Air

Sugey Abrego is known for working on Canal 4, a Mexican news station which looks like it cares a lot more about looks than books! Sugey is a model as well as a news presenter, and has appeared on the cover of Maxim Mexico back in 2009, as well as modelling for other glamor shoots for Mexican and American publications.

Sugey Abrego news

On watching her news segment, one follower commented “I don’t know what you’re saying. But, marry me?”

Sugey Abrego – Off AIr

Sugey Abrego is definitely not your average weather girl, and she is known more for her great looks than her great meteorological skills, let’s put it that way. If you Google her name, you’ll see some of the photos shoots she is more famous for, but here’s a fair warning, they are absolutely NSFW!

Sugey abrego life

She has recently quit presenting, instead choosing to focus on pursuing a career in acting, and continuing to model.

Mary Gamarra – On Air

You’ll spot Mary Gamarra on Telemundo, working for Cada Dia con Maria Antonieta every morning, but this isn’t where she started her career. She studied Journalism in New York, and started out with an internship at CNN. Mary Gamarra news

She then worked for Univision, before moving onto her current job. You might also remember her from her own life improvement segment which she used to have on Noticiero 47.

Mary Gamarra – Off Air

As well as her day job for Telemundo, Mary Gamarra is also the host of the Latino Entertainment Channel Xfinity, and is known for anchoring various programs on the Telemundo Network. She hosted the Latin Billboard Music Awards for example.

Mary Gamarra life off weather

She is known for her charity work, which includes the Women of Tomorrow, and she also has two kids with her husband, who she has been married to for 7 years, Their kids are called Valentina and Sebastian.

Jackie Guerrido – On Air

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido has been living in the US since after she graduated from high school. She attended the University of Miami, and then became a meteorologist, working for Primer Impacto as a weather girl and a news anchor.

Jackie Guerrido news

She used to present the weather on Wake Up America, which is aimed at the Hispanic community and is very popular, but she is now co-anchor of Primer Impacto, with Pamela Silva Conde.

Jackie Guerrido – Off Air

Did you know that Jackie Guerrido has a history in radio, as well as journalism and meteorology? She really is a multi-talented lady, and she co-hosted a radio program at the HBC Radio Company, as well as having her own music show on WRTO 98.3. For a time, she was even a traffic reporter!

Jackie Guerrido life

You might have seen her on the Spanish speaking version of Dancing With the Stars, where she came in second place.

Evelyn Taft – On Air

Evelyn went to university in California, graduating with a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. But that wasn’t enough for her, and she went to Mississippi State to get her degree in Meteorology, too!

Evelyn Taft news

She now works in Los Angeles for KCAL 9, and is one of the most popular weather girls on television. A true journalist at heart, she loves travelling, and speaks many languages.

Evelyn Taft – Off Air

Evelyn Taft is married to Ross Resnik, who is the founder of Roaming Hunger. They have two children together. She speaks Russian, Hebrew, French and English, and loves herself a bit of street food when she gets the chance!

Evelyn Taft life

They seem like a really happy family, and you can see more of them by following Evelyn on Instagram, where she shares photos of herself and her kids, too. Of course, you’ll also see her daily on KCAL 9.

Magda Palimariu – On Air

Yet another beautiful and accomplished weather girl, it seems like the industry to attract both brains and beauty in equal measure! Magda Palimariu is originally from Romania, and actually reports the weather for Pro TV in Romania.

Magda Palimariu news

She isn’t just a meteorologist however, as she also has degrees in both sports journalism and literature. She would probably shock you into silence with both her looks and her intellect if you were lucky enough to meet her.

Magda Palimariu – Off Air

In 2009, Magda married Ionut Dumitru, who was formerly from well known Romanian Hip Hop band Simplu. Unfortunately, after seven years together, they decided to call it quits in 2016.

Magda Palimariu life

She moved from her small town of Sibiu, to Bucharest, the political, cultural and economic capital of Romania in the hopes of making a name for herself, and she has done exactly that, now a well known media personality around the country.

Mayte Carranco – On Air

While she used to be on the news in Juarez, Mayte has since moved to Mexico City, and is known for being one of the hottest weather girls around! In fact, she tends to make headlines herself for her news appearances, just by the clothes she wears.

Mayte Carranco news

As well as presenting the weather, she is well known on social media for her active profiles, both on Twitter and Instagram. She has notably modelled on the cover of M Magazine as well as other publications.

Mayte Carranco – Off Air

Listen up boys, cause it would seem that Mayte Carranco is still single, and looking for love! Her Instagram often includes photos of friends, her parents or grandparents, siblings and nieces and nephews, but there is no significant other gracing those snaps.

Mayte Carranco life off air

We know that she is a vegetarian, likes animals and singing, and loves the limelight, so if this sounds like a match, maybe you’re in luck! In your dreams right?

Ximena Londono Cordoba – On Air

It’s no wonder that Ximena Londono Cordoba is such a popular personality, just look at her! As well as being incredibly beautiful, she is multi talented, and is known for being not just a presenter, but a model and an actress too.

Ximena Londono Cordoba news

In her weather girl mode, she hosts Despierta America on Univision, being their weather anchor between 2013 and 2015, She was born in Colombia in 1979, and comes from the city of Medellin.

Ximena Londono Cordoba – Off Air

As well as her work as a weather girl, Ximena Londono Cordoba is known for her modelling and her acting too. In fact, she was first brought to public attention on the reality TV show, Protagonistas de novella.

Ximena Londono Cordoba life

While she is still waiting to break the big screen and be cast in cinema, she has acted in many telenovelas, television shows, and even made for TV movies. She has one child, Samuel Cordoba Londono.

Angie Gonzalez

Angie Sabrina Gonzalez was born in January 1981, making her 36 years old. As well as being a road a track cyclist, she is also known for presenting the weather! She hosts in Venezuela, which is where she comes from, and here she is, bringing her gorgeous smile and looks to her reporting on the morning show.

angie gonzalez news

But while many newscasters and weather girls have other work to keep them busy, you’ll never guess that Gonzalez does.

Angie Gonzalez – Off AIr

It’s fair to say that the weather isn’t Angie Gonzalez’s top priority, as she is far better at her other day job, as a kick-ass Olympic athlete. She is a track cyclist, and although she came in last place at the 2012 Summer Olympics, even getting there is an incredible achievement in any sporting career.

angie gonzalez life

Imagine performing at the Olympics themselves! Hopefully she is still practicing her skill, and will give it another try next time around.

Alex Wilson – On Air

Alex Wilson is best known for working at The Weather Channel, where she has been since 2013. She is a co-anchor between 3 and 6 on weekdays, and also hosts alongside Dave Schwartz. She got her degree from Syracuse University, in Broadcast Journalism, and then went to Penn State to study Meteorology.

Alex Wilson on air as an anchor

Her first job was for WHNS-TV in Carolina, before she moved over to The Weather Channel, where she is now.

Alex Wilson – Off AIr

A true career woman, Alex is not married, and doesn’t have a boyfriend that we know of! She loves the cold weather, enjoying travelling to countries with extreme weather, and enjoys working in this field, too.

Alex wilson life

She loves to try different foods, is keen on exercise, and is a fan of the great outdoors. You can keep track of what she’s up to on social media as well as on The Weather Channel. Try following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Yanet Garcia – On Air

Born in 1990, 27 year old Yanet Garcia is known as one of the hottest and most popular weather girls on the planet. She comes from Mexico, and as well as being a weathercaster, she is also a model.

Yanet Garcia news

Her Facebook page has over 2 million likes, and her YouTube channel has nearly half a million subscribers. We bet they aren’t tuning in to find out what the weather is going to be like this week, that’s all we’re saying.

Yanet Garcia – Off Air

Yanet is off the market, dating Doug Censor Martin, better known as Faze Censor. He is a professional Call of Duty player, (yes, that’s a job now.) and the pair are extremely loved up and all over social media, from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram, and her YouTube channel.
Yanet Garcia life

She is also known for her work out routines, giving her a toned body and slim physique. When does she get time to read the weather, eh?

Domenica Davis – On Air

Domenica has a bachelor of science in Broadcast Journalism, and started out on Fox News before becoming a weather forecaster for NBC 4. While she did enjoy the job, more recently she has said she is looking to get back into journalism, and maybe move away from weather altogether.

Domenica Davis news and weather

“I love being a meteorologist but it was getting to be too much of the same thing every day and I feel I have a lot more to offer” she told the media.

Domenica Davis – Off Air

With the help of social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, Domenica likes to share what’s going on in her life with her fans. She was particularly excited to share news of her pregnancy and her babies birth on her channels, and got a lot of well wishes from her followers.

Domenica Davis is pregnant with twins

She is not married, but the rumor is that she was engaged to Oren Saig, a producer from Sony Pictures, but the relationship ended.

Jill Nicolini – On Air

As well as being a weather forecaster and presenter, Jill Nicolini is also an actress and a model. She worked for WPIX as well as the Opie and Andy Show and then moved to WB11 Morning News.

Jill Nicolini news anchor

She is probably better known for her acting and modelling work, such as when she appeared on the TV show, Married by America way back in 2003. It’s hard to believe that was nearly 15 years ago!

Jill Nicolini- Off Air

Something not everyone knows about Jill Nicolini is that she once hoped to win the crown of Miss Long Island. This could have seen her working towards Miss USA and even Miss Universe on the pageant scene, which has launched many women’s careers in the past few decades.

Jill Nicolini life off air

However, when she appeared in Playboy magazine, this cost her the Miss Long Island throne. Her career recovered when she became a weather girl.

Gabriela Grechi – On Air

Born in Italy, and working out of Milan, Gabriela Grechi is well known in her local city, as a gorgeous meteorologist and a media personality. She started her career on the show Orario Cotinuato, which is loosely translated as Lunch Break.
Gabriella Grechi news

She didn’t stay there for too long though, after being spotted by Rete 4, and offered a job with the Telelombardia Network. Like many meteorologists, she is just as beautiful as she is smart.

Gabriela Grechi – Off Air

This smart and gorgeous woman is also very popular on social media, and she has over 23 thousand likes on Facebook, as well as nearly 100 thousand Instagram followers. She also has her own YouTube channel, but she only speaks in Italian there, so you need to know the language to get something out of following!

gabriela grechi life off air

We can see her career going onwards and upwards, so she’s definitely one to watch.

Ariane Brodier – On Air

Many weather girls start their life in meteorology and then move on to acting or other pursuits. French media star Ariane Brodier appears to have done this in the other direction! She started out as an animator, working on a series called Operation Seduction aux Caraibes, and then began presenting on Fun TV.

Ariane Brodier news

Only later did she become a weather girl for M6, and it was by no means the only thing she was presenting.

Ariane Brodier – Off Air

In fact, while Ariane was being a weather girl for M6, she was also hosting M6 Music Black, which included their Hip Hop and R&B offerings as well as interviews with the artists, as well as some shows on NT1, both teens and nature related. Ariane Brodier life

She stayed with M6 until 2008, hosting The Alternative and CLUB, both of which were music shows, and then she moved to France 2, where she now works on the program Service Maximum.

Jackie Johnson- On Air

Jackie Johnson is an American weather forecaster who works in Los Angeles, California for KCBS-TV news. Jackie is also featured on the CBS-owned radio station, KNX1070, in Los Angeles giving the periodic weather forecast updates.

Originally from Plymouth, Michigan, Jackie has an interest in Meteorology and studied it at  the University of South Alabama, before graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Jackie Johnson- Off Air

After graduating, Jackie moved to Florida and began presenting for WCTV-TV in Tallahassee, she later switched to WCTV-TV in Miami, where she was a reporter and weather-caster.

Interesting facts about Jackie: she was once married to NFL player, John Kidd and has made appearances in numerous films and TV shows, usually playing herself.

Christina Loren- On Air

Born and raised in Palm Springs, California (where it hardly ever rains) Christina studied satellite and radar imagery. Throughout her career, Christina has been nominated for three Emmys. Originally, Christina started out as a presenter for small stations throughout California, including; Bakersfield, Palm Springs and Chico.

Later moving to Miami for CBS, where she covered tropical weather and after this moved back to the east coast, where she worked in San Francisco for NBC.

Christina Loren- Off Air

Christina has over 12 years of experience as a Broadcast Meteorologist. After graduating with a B.A. in Economics as well as a year of Graduate work in Operational Meteorology from California State University.

Christina also finished a 3 year program at Mississippi State University, where she received her Meteorological Certification. Now, Christina presents for RFD-TV weather and is married with 3 puppies.

Lluvia Carrillo- On Air

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1994, Lluvia Carrillo is one of the youngest forecasters on our list. Currently on Monterrey Al Dia show in Mexico, on channel Televisa Monterrey. Carrillo began her career in journalism as a host for a sports channel.

Lluvia graduated with a degree in psychology, although her career as a daytime weather forecast girl hardly has use for this.

Lluvia Carrillo- Off Air

Lluvia got her start in the business from a viral Youtube video, named “Clima- Hot Weather Girl”.Lluvia is huge on social media, with over 1 million fans following her Facebook page and over 151,000 on Instagram. She is currently a model for many companies around Mexico.

Carrillo is currently dating Javier Aquino, who is a soccer player for the Mexican national team and Tigres.

Elita Loresca – On Air

A Filipino-American newscaster, Elita Loresca started out in LA, at KCBS-TV. She wasn’t on screen though, she was behind the scenes, getting scripts ready for the shows and working the teleprompter. She worked her way up quickly, becoming the noon weather anchor for KGET-TV in California.

Elita Loresca news

She then moved to KGPE-TV in Fresno, and became the morning and noon weather anchor there. She was later able to cover two devastating hurricanes, Frances and Wilma.

Elita Loresca – Off Air

As well as her glittering career, Elita Loresca is known for her charity work, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, as well as NANAY, which is the National Alliance to Nurture the Aged and the Youth.

Elita Loresca life

If her life had turned out differently, she may have ended up an athlete, as during high school she was a talented basketball player! She is married to Ryan Nuveman, and they have one child together, born in 2011.

Bri Wrinkler – On Air

Bri Winkler works for ABC 7 News, as a meteorologist on their LA weekend morning show. She went to college at the University of Miami, and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Atmospheric and Marine Science, so she is one clever cookie!

Bri Winkler news

She is seen here doing her day job, reading the weather, and showing what to expect locally around the area throughout the rest of the week.

Bri Winkler – Off Air

In her personal life, things haven’t always been so easy for Bri, however. In fact, just a few years ago in 2012, Bri suffered from a stroke! Although at first she thought it was simply blood sugar problems, she was diagnosed eventually as having had a stroke. Bri Winkler life off screen weather girl

This is very rare in women her age, so she spoke out about it to help other people learn about the signs of strokes and stroke prevention techniques, no matter your age.