Ways Your Body Changes When You Begin Exercising

Exercising regularly makes you become healthier and fitter. The change brought about by exercising may start being noticeable from day one although the weight loss journey may take a bit longer to be conspicuous.
Below are some of the ways that your body will change when you begin exercising regularly.

Increased brain alertness

When you engage in vigorous exercise, the body pumps more blood to the brain. This results in more blood flowing to the brain. The brain cells will function at a higher level and you’ll become more alert and awake during exercise and after.
Exercise can come with pain and when you experience pain, the brain will start to release chemicals such as endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that induce euphoria and will not only reduce your pain, but also boost your morale so you can push harder without giving up.
When you finish exercising, your body will release more endorphins that will keep you in high spirits throughout the day.

Reduction in calories

When you start exercising, your body begins burning calories. Your weight will start reducing. However, if your goal is to maintain the body fat loss, then your calorie intake will have to be less than your calorie out-take. You should not expect to lose fat if you keep eating unhealthy food just because you exercised for 5 minutes a month ago.

Growth in body muscles

When you have exercised for a month or more, your muscle mass will start becoming visible. Slow and fast twitch muscle fibers will start to grow and your muscles will become stronger.

Increased metabolic rate

Your metabolic rate will start to increase and you’ll be able to burn fat even when you are not at the gym. You’ll burn calories at resting-state too.

Healthy bones

Exercising and having a healthy weight can have a very positive impact on your bones
After 12 months of exercise, your bone density begins increasing and this is a really good thing because the higher the bone density, the lower the chances of getting fractures
Weight-bearing exercises such as running, stair climbing and skiing are the best.

Increase in heart size

When you begin regularly exercising, you will need more oxygen. Your heart rate will increase to pump more blood and increase the level of oxygen in your body. After 6 months, your heart will increase in size due to the intense pumping of blood. It will also become stronger and more efficient.

Day to day life will be improved.

Regular exercise will improve your day to day life. You’ll be able to climb stairs with ease without gasping after one flight and you’ll be able to easily walk to the store nearby. You’ll be faster on your feet and more independent while carrying out some tasks.
Regular exercises also improve brain function and sharpen your memory.

After a year of constant exercise, you will no longer feel like exercising is an obligation. You’ll have gotten used to it and may even become a little bit addicted to it. As long as it’s a healthy addiction, it will be good for you.”