Should You Train Your Abs Before or After Your workout ?

A workout is nothing without working on your abs. The best part of working out is showing off your six pack at the end of the session. When the sweat is glistening on your body and you snap that picture for everyone else to see. Training your core is very crucial. People that are thinking about joining the gym want to know when is the best time to work on your Abs. Should it be before or after your initial workout. Listed below are commons reason you should train your Abs.

  1. When most people hit the gym, they rush into working out the other parts of the body first. They tend to neglect the abs area assuming it can be worked on whenever they have time. Most people that workout tend to leave the Abs and calf for last.
  2. If one is working on their core before the  initial workout, then they must  make sure they  have enough energy to complete the rest of the exercises safely. Going too hard one area of your body can result in lose of a huge source of energy and a sloppy performance.
  3. Trainers normally say, we should work on the weakest part of the body first, which is the stomach area. If that part of the body is in desperate need of attention, then working on it first can help. If that area is on the same level as the rest of your body, then it should be the top priority.
  4. What are your fitness goals? On your fitness list, is working on your abs number one? If the answer is yes, then they should be trained before your initial workout. If the answer to this question was no, leaving your abs training for last would be better for you. Injuring the body while trying to achieve your fitness goals will pause muscle growth.
  5. Doing what you want in the gym is important to you. Consistency is key. Working on different parts of your body help to train your Abs. If you’re the kind of person that goes to gym and workout different body parts on different day, you will be fine. Doing workouts like planks, squats, burpees, wall-sits and high knees help to workout your abs even when it isn’t your focus for that day.

After stating a few facts about when to train, your Abs must have you thinking. Honestly speaking, I believe that training your Abs after your workout is the better option. It is much safer and quicker than most people think. It’s quite obvious that training your abs first can cause major muscle problems and decrease in energy levels because your core helps the rest of the muscles when doing a workout. People should never sacrifice the strength of one area of the body for another. Doing so will only show you that you have made poor decisions when working out.