Top 5 High Intense Cardio Sports

Cardio sports are a fantastic source for getting in aerobics. As you all know aerobics are perfect way of shedding pounds, and these intense cardio sports can really help out. Of course low intensity cardio like walking can certainly help in getting your heart pumping, walking can only do so much.

Kick it up a notch by taking up these types of sports.


Walking and jogging will certainly get your heart pumping, jogging moreso than walking. However jogging alone won’t give you the benefits of a high impact workout that you are looking for. Instead taking up running. If you can manage a 20 to 30 minute sprint your body will keep burning the calories long after you’ve stopped running.


Taking up biking is also another great way of burning calories. That all depends though on your speed. Regardless cycling for 30 minutes a day can get you to burn between 200 and 500 calories. Whether you take up a spinning class or bike outside for real, these are both effective methods to burning calories quickly.


Joining a rowing team also can give you a fantastic workout for both cardio as well as strength too. On average, rowing burns a good 400 calories for every 30 minutes. Furthermore rowing works a variety of muscle groups and also strengthens your core as well. Some other benefits that rowing has is an improved coordination as well as body awareness. If you’re not by a body of water, consider using rowing machines at the gym.


Soccer requires you to be moving constantly in the game with shifts between sprinting and jogging. All in all because of these shifts, you increase your aerobic capacity as well as improve your cardio too. Some other benefits that soccer can bring you is an improved coordination, higher stamina as well as flexibility.

Of course this particular activity requires other people to play but finding a local soccer group is pretty easy. Furthermore because you need very little equipment to play soccer it makes it a nice beginner sport to get into for everyone.


When you are thinking about high intensity cardio workouts, the last thing that comes up is these particular sports. You’d be surprised though just how much movement is required in these types of sports, especially in badminton. These sports focus on all areas of your body, from your footwork to your arms as well.

Just from all the sprinting and swinging, you can easily burn well over 400 calories in 30 minutes from this. Also when it comes to this sport you don’t always need a second person. With regards to tennis, you can easily play against a wall and still get a good workout in.


Basic low intensity cardio can still do a lot of wonders for you, however if you want to be making massive strides in losing weight, consider these high intensity cardio workouts. As you can see, working out for 30 minutes every day on one of these things proves to help you burn a lot of calories.