Top 10 Foods Perfect For Fitness

Getting fit and staying fit is not all about running, jumping and exercising. The food you eat is a vital part of getting in shaper and staying that way. There are certain foods that will help fuel your desires and your body. These foods will help you to get the most out of your everyday workout and help your body to recover.

Milk provides many things that the body needs to grow and repair. It contains obvious water that is great for hydrating the body. The body needs protein to help with the healing of the muscles and this is something that milk is rich in. The body also needs sugar to fuel itself which can be found in milk. Maybe the most important property of milk is the high calcium content. Calcium is essential for healthy bones.

Dried fruit
Dried such as raisins, mango and apricots are high in natural sugars. They are also a source of concentrated carbohydrate. This makes the fruits a source to provide energy boosts. Dry fruit also provides a small amount of fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals and potassium with every bite.

Broccoli is one of the most nutrient rich food you will ever purchase in the market. Broccoli is fortified with antioxidants and fiber that help with digestion. This vegetable is a great source for folate which itself is a source for folic acid. This acid is said to be very good for the health of the heart and also for women that are planning to have a child.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are much healthier than eating normal potatoes. It is a very versatile food regardless of how you prepare it. It is the perfect food for fighting disease with beta carotene, iron, vitamin C and fibers.

Tomatoes are a food that all men need to invest in. This food has an antioxidant called lycopene. This is what gives the tomatoes is color and research as proven that this antioxidant is helpful in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Bananas are a great source of potassium. This is a tasty fruit that is full of nutrients. Research has shown that peel of the banana has even more to offer than the tasty part of the fruit. When using the fruit, it is recommended that you also use the peel.

Brazil nuts
Brazil nut are a great source for selenium. All legumes are packed with vitamins, fiber and minerals. The minerals and micronutrient found in the nuts will help keep your immune system. These foods are also good for protecting against the cancers and heart disease.

Blueberries are full of antioxidants. They are a perfect food to fight against free radicals. The berries are a fruit that is lower in calories than other fruits.

Salmon is the best source for Omega 3 and fatty acid that research has proven is great to ensure a healthy heart and a good memory.

Cocoa is a great food packed with nutrients and rich in amino acids.