Top 10 Fitness Trends

This year has been truly great for the sport fanatics that always chase the latest trends, sport companies and gyms have really gone out of their way, to bring us all sorts of crazy and effective training regimes, from high intensity to low, from extremely cold to infrared hot, and from home-based to internationally based trends.

What are VersaClimbers? Imagine a machine that can give you a full body workout, of all major muscle groups, while doing a simple and natural exercise, climbing. Now imagine that exercise helped you lose weight easily and corrected your bad posture. Must be a dream? Well it’s here.

High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT has been around for some time now, but its popularity has resurfaced recently. It is ideal for people that do not have a lot of time but want to get in shape quickly, it consists of doing sets of 10 to 15 very demanding exercises, and taking very short breaks, between them, of 10 to 20 seconds.

Low Intensity Interval Training, LIIT has been proven to be capable of being just as effective as HIIT, however, LIIT takes the complete opposite direction of HIIT, and is designed for people that have a lot of time on their hands, but do not want to feel the extreme pain that comes from HIIT. The same principle of taking short brakes between exercises applies, but the nature of those exercises is different, whereas HIIT would have you running, LIIT is content to have you jogging.

For all those who miss jumping on beds when they were little kids, there is a new training program in town, and it’s not only fun, it’s also very beneficial to your upper body and lower body muscular strength, it also increases your endurance, and is great for fat loss.

FIIT is the first company to bring a free training experience, which you can download on your phone, and follow up, on your TV, with professional trainers ready to coach you, in a variety of different exercises from cardio, to strength building ones, to yoga. It just feels nice to have a personal trainer at the tips of your finger.

ROAM fitness
Roam fitness is the complete opposite of FIIT, and it is a service for the working out fanatic, that loves to work even when he is traveling. ROAM fitness, specialize in giving you gyms and showers while you are waiting at the airport for your plane, and want to spend the time exercising instead of sitting around doing nothing.

What is Victoria’s Secret? If freezing yourself with mist at around -150 degrees Celsius wasn’t your answer, then you are wrong. This crazy treatment is also favored by Olympic athletes, and is quickly gaining popularity this year, this is because it is very effective at decreasing pain and inflammation caused by heavy regimes of exercises.

Infrared Saunas
Whereas normal saunas prefer to warm the air in the room besides you, infrared saunas skip this middle man altogether and move directly to warming your body. These saunas however still have all the traditional benefits of a sauna, they detoxify your body, they give an immediate relief from sore muscles, they improve your blood circulations, and most importantly they help you relax and sleep.

Yoga interactive experience
Yoga was always a discipline that demanded of you to relax, to imagine, and to focus on your breathing rhythm. Well today all that is made easier, by placing the trainee in a room with 4 TV screens as walls, and with audio control, to give the relaxing boost to their customers that they need to achieve nirvana.

Wearable Technology
One of the most frustrating thing about exercising, is that you always have a “feeling” of how much exercising you have done, and how many calories you have lost, but today, you can know for sure. Wearable digitalized watches, are connected wirelessly to your phone, and are used to monitor things like your heart rate, and your pressure, to give you a very accurate estimate, of how many calories you are burning and how effective your current exercise is to your desired regime.

I really believe that this year has brought some exciting new trends in fitness and exercising, and that it has given us opportunities to tailor, more and more, the exercise experience to our needs, lifestyles and preferences. I am just so excited to what next year will bring.