Top 10 Fitness Exercises For Men

As a man staying in shape is very important. It is not just to look good for women but it is vital for a long and healthy life. The best decision to make is getting a gym membership and taking full advantages of it. There is a misconception about working out in the gym and many men need to know that you don’t need to do all the exercises there is out there. You just need to focus on a few. Below is a list of exercises that every man should do.

There are there main lifts to focus on. The squat is one of the most important exercises that you will ever do. It is a full body work out working areas like your legs, your core and other essential parts of your body

This is the single most important workout for building strength. This exercise strengthens your back, legs and core. It is also one of the easiest exercises to do. All you do in the exercise is lift has much weight as you can over your head and then put it back down

Leg press
You should never skip leg day. The legs are among the strongest parts of the body. Many people only focus on building their upper body mainly because it appears to be the part that needs it the most.

Bench press
This exercise ifs the most commonly known exercise to men. This exercise targets your arm, chest, and your back.

Pull-ups have a reputation of being hard. It is an exercise that can be done anywhere you can find a bar to use. It targets your shoulders, chest and the entire upper body.

Hip thrust
Exercising your glutes is essential and so is extension optimization in your hips. When doing this exercise, it is important that you have the proper form.

Vertical jump
This exercise adds explosiveness to your workout. It works your legs, hips and glutes. This is not your average everyday jump. You need to have the proper form for it to be effective.

This an exercise that every man needs to incorporate into their workout. It is an underrated exercise but it is very effective. It targets you back, your chest and your arms in a way only it can.

Power clean
This is a great exercise for working the upper body and yes, it is another popular lift. The proper form must always be used when lifting even if it is a small amount of weight you are lifting.

This is the most popular exercise in the world, done by many. Cardio is very important and lifting alone is not enough. You have to be careful because there is a proper way to run, surprising isn’t it. Without the correct form many people end up damaging their ankles and their knees. The type of shoes that you wear while you run is also very important. As strong as your boy is, it is also delicate and you need to be careful when exercising.