Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers

More and more people around the world, are concerned about knowing exactly how well their exercise routines are doing, so they buy trackers, digital watches that monitor your metabolic conditions, today we are looking at the best 10 trackers out there in 2018.

Moov Now
Moov now is a tracker that is designed for recording exercise data, and it is accompanied by its own app that gives a wealth of workout plans when you select your training regime, the Moov Now tracker records your activities, which you can later see in the app.

Hysko is a tracker that was designed to be held in your hands, instead of being worn like a watch. It was designed to be used by MMO and boxing fighters, to record punches parameters in real time, such as the punch acceleration, its speed, and type of punch.

Samsung Gear fit 2 pro.
This tracker for Samsung is made user-friendly, by having compatibility features with all major health monitoring apps, plus it can be used for diving at a maximum depth of 50 meters, a built-in GPS, and let’s be honest, it looks amazing.

Polar M600
The Polar M600, is Apple’s answer to the Samsung Gear fit 2 pro, as it also has GPS features, a swimming mode, a heart-rate monitor, a great connectivity, and a long battery life. This device is the only one to have the Polar Smart Coaching app built specifically for it.

Matrix Powerwatch X
Matrix Powerwatch X, has most of the feature that you would expect from a normal tracker, pedometer, distance measurer, calorie tracker, time stop, etc. But it also includes a feature of its own, its battery is recharged by body heat, effectively eliminating the annoying need of constantly recharging it.

FitBit charge 3
Great design, lightweight, and accurate, FitBit charge 3, has also a bigger display, and a clearer user interface, than most other trackers. It also connects to the FitBit app, which makes it the best that FitBit has produced so far.

TomTom Touch
TomTom Touch is one of the best cardio trackers out there, it has an optical heart-rate sensor, a 5 days battery, 24/7 accurate tracking, and a very comfortable design. It is the perfect tracker for monitoring your performance.

Garmin Vivosport
This jewel of technology is perfect for people that want to track down the number and efficiency of their runs, cycles or swims. With a built-in GPS, Chroma display, and smart notification, Garmin Vivosport is at the forefront of tracker technology.

Bragi Dash Pro
This tracker is designed to go into your ear, it functions as a tracker, earphone and memory storage device all in one. Has all the classic features that other trackers do, and an especially powerful pedometer. Unfortunately, it falls short in charting different runs together or comparing them.

FitBit Versa
Cheaper than it counterparts, FitBit Versa still does all the other classic features that other trackers do, but it also does one more, it also tracks and measures the menstrual cycles for women. It can also go to 50 meters in depth in water and has a 4 day-long life battery.