Marisa Tomei Never Got Married; Here’s Why

It’s hard to believe that no one has ever tried to land Marisa Tomei for good. With a career spanning four decades, Marisa is one of the biggest actresses in the business. What’s the true story behind the Oscar-winning star never getting hitched? We’ve done some digging and found out the thing that stopped her from ever marrying.

Frank Pugliese

Between 2001 and 2004, Marisa was officially dating Frank Pugliese, a famous artistic director and television writer who has brought us numerous plays and TV shows. From the get-go, the couple had two things in common; they were both Italian, and they both had a passion for art. Oh yeah, and they are both incredibly attractive! Although they were officially together, the couple kept their relationship on the down-low and rarely appeared in the press.

From 2001 until 2004, Marisa Tomei dated art director and television writer, Frank Pugliese

Lenny Kravitz

After her relationship with Frank Pugliese ended, Marisa was romantically linked to the singer/musician/actor/all-around legend, Lenny Kravitz. The pair had been friends since her ex-roommate, Lisa Bonet, married Kravitz – and Marisa was even chosen to be the godmother of Lenny and Lisa’s children. Despite this close personal connection, and the fact Marisa is Lisa Bonet’s best friend, rumors flew around the Hollywood rumor mill in 2004 that Lenny and Marisa were dating. Bet that was pretty awkward.

Marisa was romantically linked to Lenny Kravitz in 2004, despite the fact she was his ex-wife's best friend

Robert Downey Jr.

Just because Marissa never actually got married, it doesn’t mean she didn’t try. One of her many conquests for love includes Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. The pair first met on the set of Only You in 1994, and the two began a wondrous relationship. As they continued to date, they were often chosen to appear romantically alongside each other in films such as Chaplin, What Women Want, The Paper, and Untamed Heart.

Marisa Tomei used to date Robert Downey Jr. and was often cast romantically alongside him in movies

Dana Ashbrook

Throughout her career, Dana has been romantically linked to numerous high-profile actors – including Dana Ashbrook. Ashbrook rose to fame during the ‘80s and ‘90s for his roles in Return of the Living Dead, Waxwork, She’s Out of Control, and Twin Peaks. After her relationship with Robert Downey Jr. came to an end, Marisa was rumored to be dating the star. The couple were rarely spotted as a couple, but on the odd occasion that they were papped together, they looked pretty darn beautiful.

Marisa was rumored to be dating Dana Ashbrook, but the two were rarely spotted out together

Logan Marshall-Green

After a few years of alone time, Marisa was once again linked to another Hollywood hunk. In 2008, news hit the press that Marisa was dating the Prometheus star, Logan Marshall-Green. The pair dated for five years but were constantly off and on again due to their hectic schedules. Their relationship was often put under scrutiny because of the 12-year age gap between the two (Logan was younger than Marisa). However, the relationship eventually broke down, and the separated.

From 2008 to 2013, Marisa dated Logan Marshall-Green, who was 12 years younger than her

Squashing engagement rumors

However, before Marisa and Logan’s relationship ended, they were plagued with engagement rumors – despite the fact that Marisa had made her stance on marriage pretty clear. According to sources close to the couple, Logan asked Marisa to marry him over the Christmas holidays in 2013. It was reported that Marisa had accepted his proposal. However, with her past record, we can’t confirm whether this was true or not. Now, Logan has found another woman to call his wife…

Before they broke up, Marisa and Logan were plagued with engagement rumors, but they soon called off their relationship/engagement

Josh Radnor

Thankfully, Marisa Tomei was able to move on from Logan after their breakup in 2013. A year later, she was romantically linked to the famous How I Met Your Mother actor, Josh Radnor. Like all of her other relationships, Marisa kept her relationship with Josh secretly under wraps, and few people knew about it. As the pair were so busy with their hectic acting schedules, it was easy for them to hide, and they enjoyed a loving few months together. Awww.

Marisa Tomei started dating How I Met Your Mother actor, Josh Radnor, in 2014

Catching the bug

So why was she never actually married when she’d had all of these high profile relationships? Let’s take a look at her early life to begin. Marisa Tomei was born December 4, 1964, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. During her childhood years, Marisa was lucky enough to surround herself with Broadway shows and prolific actors. Soon enough, she had caught the acting bug…

Marisa was surrounded by Broadway shows and actors during her early years, and she soon caught the acting bug

Italian heritage

As you can probably tell by the name, Marisa has Italian heritage (dio mio!). Marisa was raised by her mother and father, Gary and Addie Tomei. Her father worked as a successful trial lawyer and had ancestors from Calabria, Tuscany, and Campania. Her mother taught as an English teacher and had family from Tuscany and Sicily. Later on in her life, Marisa would strive to explore this ancestry further. Alongside her parents, Marisa was also brought up by her doting grandparents.

Marisa was brought up by her parents and grandparents, who all had Italian ancestors

A talented family

Marisa spent much of her early years with her brother, Adam. Thankfully, rather than stealing the remote off each other and pulling each others’ hair like most brothers and sisters, Marisa and Adam got on like a house on fire – probably because they shared the same passion. Yep, the Tomei’s are a talented bunch, as Adam is also a famous actor. Since 1994, he has starred in numerous movies, including Lovelace, Independence Day, The Truman Show and Fight. Marisa couldn’t be prouder.

Marisa got on with her brother, Adam Tomei, really well. He is now a successful actor himself

A short college career

Although Marisa knew her passion lay in acting, she didn’t know if she could make a career out of it. Because of this, Marisa made the decision to go to college and better her education before making any rushed decisions. So, she enrolled at Boston University. Unfortunately, she knew straight away that college was not the right path for her, and quit after just one year. Thankfully for us, she used her newfound freedom to focus on her acting.

Marisa wanted to better her education, so went to Boston University for a year. However, she quit to pursue her acting career

The audition process

Any actor will know that the audition process is long and laborious (and nobody really enjoys it). Even after she had won her Oscar, Marisa still had to attend audition after audition. In 1996, Marisa auditioned for the role of Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire. Fans of Jerry Maguire will know that Marissa was unsuccessful, as the role was given to Renee Zellweger instead. Nevertheless, she didn’t let rejection get the better of her, and she continued to dominate the ‘90s circuit.

In 1996, Marisa auditioned for Jerry Maguire but was rejected. She didn’t let this get the better of her, though

Taking a step back

In the early ‘90s, Marisa Tomei worked tirelessly to establish herself as a prolific actress – but she soon burnt herself out. So, from the late ‘90s, Marisa decided to step back from starring roles and used her acting talents for minor roles. She appeared as smaller characters in movies like Happy Accidents, King of the Jungle, Dirk and Betty, What Women Want and the Watcher. She continued to do this until the early ‘00s when she appeared in Anger Management.

After burning herself out, Marisa took a step back and only starred in minor roles during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s

On the wrong side

Throughout her career, Marisa Tomei has got on the wrong side of some of the biggest names in showbusiness, including the writers and producers of Saturday Night Live. In October 1994, Marisa was drafted in to serve as a guest host on the show. However, she soon made enemies after she asked the Good Morning Brooklyn sketch to be pulled from the show, as she believed it would negatively stereotype her. Of course, that was the point of the satirical show.

In 1994, Marisa annoyed the writers and producers of Saturday Night Live after she asked them to pull a sketch from the show

She has a tattoo

Yep, Hollywood’s sweetheart has a tattoo. The ink in question is on her right foot and features an Egyptian symbol. The eye represents the eye of the god, Ra, and is supposed to bestow luck and protection onto the beholder – so we hope it does its job! Nowadays, you can expect most Hollywood actors to have at least one tattoo, but that doesn’t mean the hotshot bosses agree with them, as they require a lot of makeup to cover up.

Marisa Tomei has a tattoo of an eye on her foot, which is supposed to bestow luck and protection onto the beholder

Her debut role

After dropping out of college, Marisa worked long and hard to get herself noticed in the acting industry. Thankfully, her hard work and perseverance paid off, and she landed her debut acting role when she was just 20-years-old. Her first professional movie gig was in the 1984 film, The Flamingo Kid. Although she only spoke a couple of words, this role gave her the chance to see the real world of film..and she absolutely loved it!

Marisa landed her debut acting role in the 1984 film, The Flamingo Kid and got a taste for the world of film

Star of stage and screen

After her acting debut, Marisa wanted to expand her knowledge and acting talent – so joined the Naked Angels Theater Company to try her hand at stage acting. In 1987, she won the Theatre World Award for Outstanding Debut on Stage for her performance in the off-Broadway production of Daughters. She continued to work for the theater company in between her film and TV roles, and starred in the likes of Top Girls, The Realistic Joneses and Wait Until Dark.

In 1987, Marisa joined a theater company to expand her acting talent and won awards for her stage debut

Marisa’s roommate

While she was wowing her audience with her stage presence, Marisa Tomei was also starring in A Different World as Maggie Lauten. This show took place at the fictional Hillman College, and Maggie shared a dorm with Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet). However, the two didn’t have to use their acting skills when it came to being roommates because they were roommates in real life! Yep, Lisa and Marisa lived together in their early years of fame, which came in pretty handy.

During her time on A Different World, Marisa Tomei lived with her co-star, Lisa Bonet

Her Academy Award

One of Marisa Tomei’s most prolific roles came in 1992 when she was cast as Mona Lisa Vito in the popular movie, My Cousin Vinny. This role is highly regarded as her breakthrough, and she even won an Academy Award for her performance. As soon as her name was called out, Marisa turned the corner from struggling actress and was welcomed into the world of Hollywood as a professional and highly sought-after actress. She was more determined than ever to succeed.

In 1992, Marisa Tomei was awarded an Academy Award for her performance in My Cousin Vinny and was regarded as a highly sought after actress

Her next big move

After winning her Oscar, many people were intrigued to find out what she would do next – and nobody expected her next move. Instead of choosing to star in a big Hollywood blockbuster, Marisa appeared in the silent movie, Chaplin. At the time, Marisa was dating Robert Downey Jr., who also appeared in the movie as Charlie Chaplin himself. Despite her odd role choice, she impressed her fans and casting directors with her dramatic performance of Mabel Normand.
After she won her Oscar, Marisa shocked us all by appearing in a silent movie alongside then-boyfriend Robert Downey Jr.

A new demographic

By 1996, Marisa had built herself a huge fan following, and everyone in the world of Hollywood was going mad for her. That same year, Marisa made two separate guest appearances on the popular comedy sitcom, Seinfeld. Marisa was brought in as herself, and caught the attention of George Costanza – and we don’t blame him. Her appearance on the show opened up a whole new demographic for Marisa, and she soon saw her popularity grow even more.

In 1996, Marisa guest starred on the popular sitcom, Seinfeld. This opened her up to a new demographic, and her popularity soared

A versatile actress

Throughout her career, Marisa has been dubbed one of the most versatile actresses of all time – because she really can turn her hand to anything put in front of her. Because of this, Marisa has had major roles in Hollywood blockbusters. She’s starred in Anger Management, Parental Guidance, Wild Hogs, What Women Want, Love the Cooper’s, Crazy Stupid Love and Grown Ups. She’s also played Aunt May in the popular Marvel movies, Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marisa Tomei has starred in some huge Hollywood blockbusters over the years


One of Marisa’s most iconic roles was her part as Cassidy in The Wrestler, as the love interest of Mickey Rourke, and a stripper. She appeared topless in the movie, and had a lot to do with her accessories and costuming decisions, right down to the nipple rings! She doesn’t agree with stereotyping strippers in any way though, arguing that it’s like “any subculture, you get in there and they’re all individuals.”

marisa tomei wrestler

Aunt May

We all loved Marisa as Aunt May in Spiderman, but did you know that she had no idea what the original character was depicted as when she accepted the part? Apparently she had not researched the part enough to realise that the original Aunt May was an elderly and arthritic old lady, while Marisa is clearly a stunning woman in her early 50’s. One of the co-producers has spoken out and says the casting choice was about giving Spidey more of a ‘big sister’ kind of role in Aunt May this time around.

aunt may

Opposite Matthew McConaughey

As well as some amazing acting roles which have given her plenty of opportunity to shine and pick up awards and nominations alike, Marisa has also starred opposite some pretty great co-stars. One of the movies she is known for is The Lincoln Lawyer, which also stars Matthew McConaughey. The movie was based on the first of a series of novels, and she played McConaughey’s ex-wife, Maggie. Reviewers called the movie “engagingly acted, and entertaining.”

marisa lincoln lawyer

A bedroom scene with Mel Gibson

No matter how confident you are as an actor, a bedroom scene with a super celebrity has to be nerve wracking. But when Tomei was asked about her role as Lola, who has exactly that with none other than Mel Gibson in the super successful What Women Want, she said she didn’t really think about it! “It was more like, ‘I really like the role, and I think this is funny.’ I knew he was in it, which made it exciting. But I didn’t think specifically about the day I would be in bed with him.”

what women want

Crazy Stupid Love

If you’re as well known an actor as Marisa, sometimes, you get to be part of an all-star cast altogether! That’s what happened when Marisa won the part of Kate Tafferty in Crazy Stupid Love. The movie was packed to the brim with Hollywood celebrities, including Steve Carrel, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Julianne Moore. It also featured Kevin Bacon, and Josh Groban. It must have been so much fun on set being able to work and fangirl with such big names in the industry.

crazy stupid love

One of the most beautiful people alive

It’s no secret that Marisa Tomei is one of the most beautiful people in the business. However, her beauty was solidified in 2009 when she earned her place on the People Magazine’s list of the Most Beautiful People Alive. She also came in at number 18 on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Females in the World list that same year. Not bad, ey? In fact, Marisa is like a fine wine, and just seems to be getting better with age!

Marisa Tomei has been named one of the most beautiful women alive by People Magazine

Who Do You Think You Are?

In 2012, Marisa appeared on the popular NBC ancestry show, Who Do You Think You Are? to uncover more about her family history. For the purpose of the show, Marisa traveled to Tuscany and Elba to learn more about the murder of her great-grandfather, Francesco Leopoldo Bianchi, in 1910. She soon found out that her great-grandfather had been shot in a bar in Tuscany after he was caught either having an illicit affair or for owing someone money.

In 2012, Marisa appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? To learn more about her family tree

How she keeps fit

One of the most impressive aspects of Marisa Tomei is her ability to keep fit and stay in shape. In an interview with Vogue Magazine in 2012, Tomei uncovered her secrets. Instead of working out to keep fit, Marisa works out to have fun with family and friends. She never takes part in strenuous exercise. Instead, she works up a sweat to train the mind with the help of Tai Chi, Yoga – and she even goes to hula hooping classes!

Marisa Tomei works out to have fun and train the mind, and spends her time doing Tai Chi, yoga and hula hooping

Lady Gaga loves Marisa Tomei

Of course, Lady Gaga loves Marisa Tomei – who doesn’t? However, Gaga is a bit more gaga over Marisa than the rest of us and has even confirmed that she wants Marisa to play her if there was ever a movie about her life. Marisa was overjoyed when she heard the news because she loves Lady Gaga’s music and believes her to be an incredible and eclectic businesswoman. Would you like to play us, too, Marisa?

Lady Gaga is a huge fan of Marisa Tomei and wants her to play her if there was ever a Lady Gaga movie

A comedy award winner

Throughout her career, Marisa has shown her talents as a comedy actress and has starred in countless comedy movies. In 1998, Marisa’s comedy skills were rewarded when she was nominated for the prestigious American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actress. She was nominated for her role as Rita Abromowitz in the popular comedy, Slums of Beverly Hills. The movie showcased her ditsy, hilarious side, which made the character extremely believable – and the audience really responded to her character.

Marisa was nominated for an American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actress in 1998 for her role in Slums of Beverly Hills

Her recent roles

Over the past couple of years, Marisa has really come into her own. She’s become even more beautiful (if that was even possible), she’s still one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Recently, she has impressed the Marvel fans with her portrayal of Aunt May, and she has just finished filming a new film set to be released in 2018 called Behold My Heart, where she plays the main character.

Marisa Tomei is still acting today and is set to appear in the 2018 movie, Behold My Heart

Her views on children

We know her view on marriage, and Marisa Tomei has a similar view about children. There are some people who have always wanted kids – but she is not one of them. Marisa has never wanted to have children or felt the need to have them in her life, and doesn’t think that makes her any less of a woman. She believes society shuns women who don’t have children, which doesn’t help women like her, who have no desire to procreate.

Marisa Tomei has never wanted children and feels society views on women and children need to change

Marisa Tomei’s net worth

Marisa Tomei is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and it’s easy to understand why she’s so happy. After beginning her career in the late ‘80s, Marisa has become one of the most celebrated actresses of all time and starred in some of the best blockbuster hits of the last century. Through her four-decade career, Marisa has made a name for herself on the stage and the screen and worked up a whopping $20 million net worth. That’ll do.

Marisa Tomei started her career in the late ‘80s and is now worth a whopping $20 million

A workaholic

Over the course of her career, Marisa Tomei has rarely taken a break from the world of Hollywood. Because of this, Marisa has turned into a self-confessed workaholic, which means she has had to make some pretty personal sacrifices in her life. Sources close to the actress have blamed her lack of close family, husband or kids on her lack of social life. She has never pursued a traditional family because she has been so focused on her work.

Marisa has rarely taken a break from her work life, which means she has had to make a few sacrifices in her life

Marisa Tomei…Marisa Tomei

Although she’s one of the biggest actresses in the world, Marisa Tomei still counts herself as being extremely lucky. One of her proudest achievements was appearing on Seinfeld. During an interview, Marisa recounted her experience of working on Seinfeld and confessed that she asked Larry David why they had chosen her for the show. He responded that although he was impressed with her acting, he loved her name because it sounded smooth and rhythmic. He said, ‘Marisa Tomei. Marisa Tomei.’

Marisa Tomei was asked to star on Seinfeld because of her acting talent and because of her rhythmic name

Numerous awards to her name

There’s no doubt that Marisa Tomei is one of the most celebrated actresses of all time, and her awards show that. When she appeared alongside Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson in the popular rom-com, What Women Want, Tomei was nominated for the Favorite Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Romance during the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. She was also nominated for the same award in the 2001 Golden Satellite Awards. Well, women DO want awards…

Marisa Tomei has been nominated for and won several awards over her acting career

Never been hitched

Over the course of her lifetime, Marisa Tomei has had some pretty high-profile boyfriends. She’s dated Robert Downey Jr., Josh Radnor, Logan Marshall-Green and more. However, Marisa has never been hitched – a fact the press loves to dwell on. Although she has been in a serious relationship, she has never felt the need to get married. Marisa has been pretty outspoken about her stance on marriage, stating that she doesn’t believe in ‘marriage as an institution’ and doesn’t want to get married.

Marisa Tomei has had high-profile boyfriends but has never been married as she does not believe in it

The Oscar debacle

Alongside her acting talent, Marisa Tomei has also been the talk of the town because of her Oscar award win. She won her award in 1993 for her performance in My Cousin Vinny but was not met with celebration and congratulations. Instead, many began to question whether she had been given the award by mistake and that Jack Palance had simply called out the wrong name. Although it has since been confirmed that Tomei did indeed win the award, people still speculate.

In 1993, many people began to wonder whether she had been given her Oscar award by mistake