How To Tell If Your Bathroom Needs An Update

If the layout is impractical, you are finding leaky taps or lighting isn’t as good as it used to be perhaps it is time to make a change in your bathroom. A bathroom should be fresh, clean and simple for relaxing in the tub or having everything organized for those busy mornings. The bathroom needs to be perfect for you and your family because you spend time there every day.
Here are a few signs that it could be time to give your bathroom some tender love and care.

Outdated colors
Out of date colors and colors that don’t match your décor anymore can be really noticeable in your bathroom and become sore sight for eyes when you have to walk in there every day. The popular White shades with the timeless look are coming back into modern bathrooms with a very traditional look.

Not photogenic
Sometimes we can’t see what we need to in our own eyes, so it can be a good idea to take a photo and show people you know to get a sense of what needs changing and updating that you fail to see. One thing people seem to not notice is the junk they have accumulated on the bench top in their bathroom. You can save so much space by placing everyone’s items in their own individual easy to access basket to eliminate the clutter from the bench.

Bad layout
Some bathrooms can feel awkward if the layout is not right. This can be a good reason to update and move things around. Perhaps your toilet is right next to the tub which can be awful to look at and hard to get comfortable in the bath when your right next to the bathroom. You may have a shower over the bathtub making it awkward to get in and out and doesn’t look so good. If you have the room you can put a smaller tub and shower in to keep them separate.

Your bathroom has the bathroom smell
Sometimes bathrooms just have that old bathroom scent to them. Which can tell you its time for a renovation in there. Fixing sink leaks, replacing the toilets wax seal and add more ventilation to the bathroom to aid in getting rid of that musty bathroom smell.

Repairing leaks
If you are seeing brown stains on the ceiling or around the sink faucets it means time to update and repair. Take the opportunity to change it up a little and install modern fixtures that will help you to conserve water as well.

Shocking lighting
If your lights are so dim it is hard to see yourself applying makeup or getting a close shave it is a problem that needs fixing. Adding better light fixtures with brighter light bulbs will help in this situation. It can also beneficial to add a skylight in the bathroom to allow more natural light in.

Are you still living with popcorn ceilings or a design you don’t like?
Believe it or not wallpaper is making a comeback. You can even add wallpaper to ceilings to make it pop but without it being too much like covering all the walls. You can even add wallpaper to just one wall for a more feature wall look. If using wallpaper, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated.

Needing more space?
If your bathroom is calling out for more space it can be beneficial to install some vanity’s on the wall or shelves above the bath to allow more storage room without taking up room with more cabinets and cupboards.

Renos don’t have to be huge and expensive and you can even do little bits at a time when you can afford to do it.