Staying Fit In Your Senior Years

Everybody knows our body loses some of its abilities as it grows older. Staying fit becomes more and more difficult when we get to our senior years. This unwilling situation can lead to illnesses and health problems regarding your bones, cholesterol, muscles, nervous system and more. But although we cannot stop the course of time, we can keep our body fit into those difficult years ahead so we avoid undesirable situations like the ones mentioned above.

Staying Fit In Your Senior Years

Doing exercise in this stage of life can seem a little challenging because the human body starts losing strength and flexibility. People at this age are usually afraid of hurting themselves because of the exercise. We want to help you overcome those fears so you can enjoy your exercise routine without worries. Here are some types of exercise you can do to stay fit through your senior years.


Walking is a better exercise than running if you keep the rhythm during a longer period of time. Spending 45 minutes to an hour a day walking in the park will be a great cardio activity, which also strengthens your legs and calves while giving you the chance to relax and let your mind release stress. It also gives you an incredible time to chat with your friends while you take group walk sessions.


If you enjoy going to the pool, you’ll like doing aqua-aerobics. There are tons of places you can look for classes. You don’t even need to know how to swim to do it and there is always an instructor there to help you. Exercising in the water is great to decrease the impact on your joints, which tend to suffer a lot when you reach this age. You can also use the classes to get to know new people.


Yoga is an awesome progressive, low impact activity. It helps strengthen your whole body through different positions that challenge your muscles slightly. It also helps you find your balance through these same positions. At the same time you’ll be working on your flexibility and working out your joints. Yoga is a very complete exercise. If you are not completely sure about taking up yoga you can also try other similar disciplines like Pilates.

Staying Fit In Your Senior Years


Dancing is a fun activity that improves the strength of the muscles and joints of legs, hip, core and sometimes arms. Working out the hip is very important during senior years because it is a very sensitive section, being exposed to damages. It also helps practice coordination and balance, which is really helpful to avoid falling in your everyday life.

Becoming a senior doesn’t mean your body can’t be fit and healthy. If you care to have a good lifestyle standard there are plenty of options you can still put into action. Exercise is necessary in every stage of life and it can be done freely with the right coaching and information. Being a senior does not mean being less active.