Sports & Nutrition Are The Keys To Wellbeing

Exercise is great for your health just as getting a balanced diet alongside the exercise is very important. As the popular saying goes, “we are what we eat”, it means that to keep a good and healthy body we must balance exercise and our diet for effective results. It has also been shown that our eating habit has a large effect on our sporting performance. We need to fuel our body for effective exercising and for the wellbeing of our system. There are some things to put into consideration to help balance our eating and exercising. We shall look into them in-depth.

Balanced eating: eat to meet energy needs

The importance of a balanced nutrition cannot be overstated. We must balance our intake of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, proteins and fats on a daily basis. This helps us perform at our maximum potential and prevents diseases.
We must also take into account the amount of energy we burn in our exercises. The higher your energy consumed the more food required. But always balance your vitamins, carbohydrate, fats and proteins in your food. In other words, if you are more active in exercising, you need to eat a little more food from all the classes of food.
Eat an hour or two before any sporting activity
Whenever you are preparing for any event, be it an Olympic game, a school competition or any sporting event, it’s important to take a little food or drink before the event. Consider taking things like fruits, low fat yogurts, sandwiches and water an hour or two before the game.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water might be one of the most important things before, during and after sports. This is true because of dehydration mostly through sweating. To avoid this kind of dehydration, it is important to take sports drink and water to replace the water lost in the body by dehydration.
Consuming the right nutritional and balanced food will facilitate the body to strengthen its immune system. This will allow the body to perform at its optimal level, free from all forms of disease and illness, and it also gives an increased level of energy.
Taking in the right amount of food could take you away from the drug store and give your body the ability to heal itself.

Good sources of Energy

In exercising, having enough energy is very important, and a good source of energy is our carbohydrate.
Foods that contain carbohydrate include:
There are other foods that also contains good amount of carbohydrate, they include fruits, vegetables, beans, yogurts and milk.
Also our muscles need a lot of protein for replenishment and repair of themselves. We cannot also remove the fact that our muscles need proteins for growth, the more reason we should get all balanced.

Are supplements ok?

Supplements are never a substitute for good food. You can get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. But if you need any supplement, be sure to take it moderately, so as not to have difficulty breaking down the supplements.
For a good wellbeing and healthy exercise life, it’s important to take balanced diet.