Simple Ways To Prevent Your Liver From Wrecking

The Liver. It is the largest solid organ in the human body. It performs many essential functions. As part of the digestive system, the liver is tasked with producing bile, absorbing bilirubin, helping blood clot, storing vitamins in the body, filters blood, produces albumin which is a protein supporting our blood functions and many other such essential tasks. It is the only organ in the body which can regenerate itself. A diseased and wrecked liver can be catastrophic to the body as a whole and can have fatal consequences. Taking care of such a precious organ is therefore important.

Let us look at simple ways to keep our livers in good shape:

Reduce your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol abuse is the highest cause of liver diseases and failure today. The consumption of excess alcohol over lengthy periods of time can cause liver diseases like cirrhosis which is scarring of the liver tissues, which can affect the ability of the liver to regenerate itself. When alcohol is consumed, it is the job of the liver to filter it, and in the process of filtration, several toxic chemicals like acetaldehyde and free radicals are produced.

Reducing your drinking to a moderate level (30 ml a day) can help prevent liver failure. If you’re older than 65 years, it is advisable to reduce your drinking levels even further to keep your liver function intact.

Don’t neglect your Vaccinations

Hepatitis is a viral infection which causes inflammation of the liver tissues. This virus is considered to have a damaging impact on the liver’s health. Hepatitis A and B affect the ability of the liver to fight against toxins and results in the liver being more prone to infections and diseases. Getting a proper vaccination is your best chance to protect against Hepatitis.

Remember, infected blood transfusions are also a major cause of hepatitis infections, so be careful when getting blood transfusions.

Drink loads of water

Water is very important to ensure the healthy functioning of your liver. It helps flush out excess toxins from your liver and your body and ensures that your liver is clean. Not drinking adequate amounts of water can result in a build-up of toxins in your body, meaning the liver has to work harder to eliminate them from your body. This can lead to liver diseases and eventually liver failure. 

Have a balanced diet

It’s a good practice to follow a good diet and keep a watch on your intake. Avoid eating an excess of oily, processed foods, which can exert more pressure on your liver and damage its health. Following a balanced diet with fruits and healthy vegetables is the best way to ensure the safe functioning of your liver.

Exercise more

If you are not the exercising kind, its time for you to incorporate a little exercise into your routine. Exercise on a regular basis can help your body feel more energetic, removes toxins from your body, improves your blood circulation, and keep your liver healthy and safe. Even walking for an hour daily can reduce the deposits of fat on the liver by as much as 1 percent on a daily basis.

Take medications wisely and avoid risks

A common cause of most liver issues is the unmonitored use of prescription drugs. Drugs must be taken only on the advice of your doctor and must be taken in the prescribed dosages only. Common drugs like paracetamol which are easily available over the counter can destroy your liver if taken in excess. Medication, when mixed with alcohol, is doubly dangerous, so avoid doing that at all costs.