Rousey Opens Up About Her Career

“There was a time when Ronda Rousey was hailed as the Queen of the steel cage. Everyone knew what the results will be even before the fight started, and she met those very expectations. However, it ended unceremoniously and unglamorously in December 2016 when she was given a knockout blow by her opponent. This left many fans of the sport, especially her fans, where it all went wrong.

Now, we do not have to because Ronda herself spilled all the dirt.

Rousey Opens Up About Her Career


Prior to a match in 2015, Rousey’s steady rise in popularity in the Mixed Martial Arts circle has made her the face of the sport. It was her name headlining sold out arena. It was her name that the crowd chanted. In a sport that is predominantly male, it was her name that stood out above the rest.

It was this fame that many believed made her relax way too much to the point of complacency.

These speculations first came to be when she fought Holly Holms in 2015. Holms was a tall kickboxer which gave her the advantage when it came to reach, and it was this very advantage that became Rousey’s demise. Holms broke her jaw when she caught her with a kick to her face.

This forced Rousey to isolate herself from the world around her. It took Rousey a year before she could step on the ring again. This time, she was scheduled to fight Amanda Nunes. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be her comeback became her retirement fight. Nunes caught her several times on the jaw before outing her in the first round.

Rousey Opens Up About Her Career


Many journalists following Mixed Martial Arts wrote Rousey off telling the public that Rousey’s weaknesses were finally exposed. They publicly claimed that there was no other way for her to come back to a ring.

However, they were wrong.

Rousey was a fan of professional wrestling for a long time. This pushed her to consider entering the scene, and then finally, she went into negotiations to be part of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and signed a contract that made her a professional wrestler.

A few months after she made her debut on January 2018, Ronda Rousey became the WWE Women’s Champion. She was once again at the top of the fighting world killing any doubt that she was never going to enter the ring again, albeit a different ring, but a ring, nonetheless.


It has been a while since Rousey walked away from the MMA, and she felt like it was time open up, even a little.

According to Rousey, she was taught by her mother to think only of winning, and she has been a winner ever since becoming a judo champion when she was younger, and the same mentality won her bronze in the Olympics. In fact, she got so used to winning that she took it hard when the losses piled up.

On the other hand, Rousey claimed that she never officially retired from Mixed Martial Arts which is keeping the hopeful hearts of her fans alive that maybe one day, we will see her in the cage again. ”