Should I Restore or Replace? Try These Renovation Tips for Your Home

Renovating your home can be very disruptive to daily living. Before you start the renovation, make sure to remove items that you use every day such as kitchen utensils, plates, mugs and other items you use on a daily basis. Place these items in a box and make sure to label them “everyday items”. That way it would be easier to find what you need, and will also help you decide which items to keep and to throw out. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of common things that should either be restored or replaced.

1. Restore: Damaged Bathtub
Replacing a damaged bathtub is a lot of work, and will cost you money. It’s even more difficult if you have colored tubs and there’s no quick fix either. However, if you have scratched, dented or nicked bathtub there are companies that do repair and will come to your home and make your tub look new again.

2. Replace: Distorted or Broken Tiles
Sad to say, but there is no quick fix here. You have no other option but to remove the tiles and start over again. You can try to get tile leveling spacers on the market that has gained popularity recently or you may choose to hire experienced tile installers.

3. Replace: Ripped Wallpaper
Unfortunately, wallpaper can’t be repaired. For wallpaper that’s smooth and has strong adhesion and difficult to remove, then you need to use a special oil-based primer that can be applied over the top so you can paint the surface, as you would drywall. Applying an oil-based primer is essential, as water-based products can soak into the paper and weaken the bond of the wallpaper.

4. Restore: Deteriorated Hardwood
For older homes, it’s common to see hardwood flooring that’s been refinished many times that you start to see nails poking through. The clear answer for this is to replace the floors, but I suggest it would be better to apply primer and painting over them to stretch their lifespan to the max. It’s expected that this trend will grow further, aside from being easy, it’s eco-friendly and looks great!

5. Replace: Worn-Out & Damaged Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is said to be durable but time can take its toll and will soon show signs of overuse and it won’t look good. It’s been lauded for its durability and low-cost and can withstand a lot of abuse. However, it goes straight to the trash when it’s been damaged.

Josh temple uses a mallet to remove the damaged hardwood floor and new adhesive to attach better flooring in this disaster house.

6. Replace: Moldy and Deteriorating Deck Boards
Deck boards can be repaired and would prolong its life an extra year or two. But generally, it’s still best for a full replacement of deteriorating deck boards as it’s not advisable to install new boards on top because the supports below will rot far sooner than the boards above.