Patio Design Ideas

One area of the home that we don’t think of a lot when we are designing and renovating is the patio, but you can make quite a lot of changes to the patio and have it look great. Here are some patio design ideas that you might want to use for designing your patio.


The first thing you’ll have to keep in mind is the actual size of the patio area. If you don’t have a large outdoor yard, it’s going to be difficult to design a larger patio. You should make sure you take plenty of measurements so you know exactly how large the patio is going tobe. You should also talk to structural engineers or designers to get some patio design ideas before you. make sure that you comply with all laws and regulations in your area before the patio is constructed.

Split Level

One way to design a patio is to use the split-level idea. This means that you’ll have a patio deck as well as a patio area underneath the deck or near the deck. you could have an eating area on the deck for example, and then underneath you could have lounge chairs or perhaps an area for sunbathing. Another example is to have a flat patio area that has a few steps up to another patio area. one area of the patio could be designed with plants, planters, rocks, and other design ideas while the top part of the patio could have chairs and a sitting area. There are many options when it comes to designing a split-level patio


Another idea for a level patio would be to design it with brick. You could design this in different ways. You might have a brick pattern, or a circular area, or any other number of design options. Brick tends to last a long time so it’s a great option for a patio area. You could design bricks on the patio that then lead to the on the patio that didn’t lead to the garden area in the form of Stepping Stones.

Mosaic Design

Another way you can design your patio is to use mosaic tiles. These can add a lot of artistic flair to your patio as you could create a symbol or a picture on your patio. You might have a favorite piece of artwork that you like so you could use a mosaic designed to showcase that particular piece of artwork on your patio. There are many different designs and ideas that you can use with tiles so keep that in mind as you design your own patio. You can always come up new designs and then see if they fit into your patio. You might sketch them out and then review to get some ideas.


One of the most classic patio designs is to use natural stones such as York stone, Blue Stone, Quartzsite, and other stones. When are you stones it can give your patio a very nice attractive look to it. The only downside to using stones is that they can be quite expensive. You could always make a small area of your patio with stones and the rest of the patio with some other material.


These are some simple design ideas for your patio. As with any area in your home, the patio can give you a lot of design ideas and options to make your home more attractive. Sit down and design at a plan or talk to a structural planner or design expert before you decide on the final design for your patio.