Why Parents Should Encourage Kids To Play Team Sports

Sports and games should not be made an additional or extracurricular activity. As the world is growing sports have made an impact in various fields. Children of various ages should be pushed into some sort of games and should be given the priority to try every sport they want so that they can explore more in it. Sports and games are not only for entertainment purposes but also teaches many things that help us to make a better life. Sports teach us that failure and success are two alternative steps.
Benefits of team sports for kids

Regular Exercise:

As a child go out and play with his/her friends it is like doing exercise. If you ask a kid to go and exercise then they will surely find an excuse but if you tell them to play, they will surely go. It also builds their stamina and endurance. It also helps them to maintain their body weight and to stay a distance away from obesity.

Develop self-esteem:

Sports help kids to level up their confidence as when they are appreciated for a good game. It also makes the kids aware of their skills and abilities.

Academic achievement:

Kids learns a various skill by active participation in various sports. Some of the major skills are dedication, commitment, problem-solving and the importance of hard work. These skills can be used in real life to make a better future. They also learn time management skills helping them, to balance studies, sports and family time.

Team Work:

In every team game kids learn how to work as a team to achieve a common goal. They also learn the art of cooperation which they can utilise in their future to work with others in a job.

Learning leadership skills:

Team sport teaches leadership skills. They learn the responsibility of a player in a game and how their performance affects their team objectives. Leadership means you should be a role model for your team sportsmanship.

Communication skills:

Sports help kids to socialize as they have to express themselves to others. They develop a sense of camaraderie which allows them to maintain and nurture strong relationships.
Teaches respect: Sports teaches kids to respect rules and authorities of a game. They learn to respect their coaches who taught them. They learn the importance of sportsmanship and to treat their opponents respectfully.


So, it is advised to parents to push their kids to play team sports. Participation in sports allows a kid the opportunity to learn patience, perseverance, hard work and a positive attitude. Team sports teach kids that winning is not the most important thing in the game, it is the performance and fair play that is important. Sports is about learning new experiences in every game you play and never to lose hope if you last. One of the most important achievements of team sports is the feeling of unity they share while playing a game. This unity is the main key that drives them to success.