Midlife Health Checklist

Have you crossed 40 now? Or you are 40?

If yes, you’ve just entered the age class called the midlife. Specialists classify adulthood into three stages, first young, which is from 18 to 39. Midlife, this is from 40 to 60. Finally maturity, this is from 60 and above. The midlife period is usually a time when adults try to reckon with their own mortality and try to reconcile the remaining part of their productive life. Some have associated this period of life to be a period when we tend to add more weight, take longer to recover from injuries and experience what experts call “the midlife crisis”.
To be able to overcome this crisis, there are some things you need to put under check, both in your health and in every other area of your life. Though at this period we tend to face a lot of pressure from life, but we have to be disciplined with our health to be able to overcome the pressure from life. In ensuring that this is done successfully, we have highlighted some areas you must always check to ensure good health and a long life without stress.

Your fitness

-In keeping a good midlife, you must always strive to keep fit. Simple steps to achieve this include:
-Take a walk every day, this could help you increase your stamina and improve your fitness which in turn would reduce stress. The least you should do is 150 minutes of walking every week.
-Push yourself to get to the maximum when doing exercises. This definitely would bring maximum result. Try out things like yoga, exceed your normal level, always push higher.
-Exercise early in the day. This would help in a better metabolism, because at this stage in life the metabolism begins to slow down.

-Take up a new sport
-And lastly, track your progress.

Your diet

-Your eating habit plays a key role in ensuring you have a healthy and fulfilling midlife.
-Try taking full fat milk especially after exercises
-Avoid supplements, it can be detrimental. Go for real food.
-Try as much as possible to avoid artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and processed foods that make use of chemicals as preservatives.
-Drink coffee or tea, but in moderation.
-Avoid red meat, go for Mediterranean
-Sugar, sugar, sugar. Reduce your sugar intake.
-Avoid getting drunk as too much alcohol leads to bad night sleep.

Sleep and mental health

-The ultimate rule is RELAX
-Try to socialize regularly or always have someone around you
-Taking a walk has been proven to improve your mental health. So do it
-Sleep calm and in a quiet environment. Switch off the lights
-Avoid screens an hour before going to bed. Drop the laptop, off the TV, an hour before bedtime
-Get good bedding materials. Ensure they are comfortable
-Finally, limit your intake of food and drink before bedtime

Other things to add to your checklist

-Take care of your skin

-Avoid smoking
-Exfoliate regularly
-Brush your teeth regularly
-And finally, always see your doctor for a regular checkup
-Staying healthy and strong at midlife contributes to a fulfilling life in the future. Follow the checklist and reap the benefits.