Mental Fitness: The Missing Link for Wellness?

Nowadays, people are suffering from different kinds of diseases and these are not only limited to old age people but found in youngsters as well. The stats can be easily found in newspapers, news or internet. That’s why people have started taking care of their health and they have joined costly gyms and have made diet plans. But still sometimes fit and healthy people also come under the trap of disease. Has anyone thought of the reasons behind it?

We only think about our bodies. It is often said obesity leads to so many diseases. People are always worried about their looks but has anyone ever thought about “Mind”? Have you ever questioned yourself that how healthy your mind is? You may look healthy and fit but what about your mind? Obviously the answer would be “NO”. In our busy lives we have forgot about the most important part of our body – the one that controls everything “Our Brain”.

If research will be done then the number of people unfit from mind will be more compared to the unfit body. We are so busy making our life and thus working for late hours. Office stress, work pressure, family problems and so many other problems. Then we think that going to the gym or doing exercise for 1 hour will keep us fit and healthy.

People are missing the real link for wellness which is Mental Fitness. No matter how much exercise you do everyday or healthy food you eat, if you are not mentally fit then it will be not worth it. Like your body, your mind needs relaxation too. Take out time for yourself to relax, spend time with nature, away from the city hustle and bustle. Don’t take stress in fact try to find happiness and humor in little things of life. Change the point of view of your thinking.

By making few changes in your life, you can attain Mental Fitness. Include reading in your daily activities. Read any story or novel everyday of the topic which is of great interest to you. Always take things and situations positively. Stop doing multitasking on regular basis because they are the common reasons for stress. Try out new and different things which will make you happy like travelling to new places, trying out new food and so on.  Play mind puzzle games such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Play your favorite outdoor games too. If you keep yourself happy then your mind will be healthy.

Improved mental fitness is not helpful in age factor but in many other things. One gets better quality of sleep at night. You feel more confident with yourself. You will not get angry on little things which are a very positive point. You are more focused at your work. You can achieve your goals faster than before. Greater determination is another advantage of improved mental fitness. Physical fitness will get improved automatically. You will feel more active and energetic. Mental fitness reduces your stress level naturally. You will find that those things which used to make you stressed will no longer bother you and thus you will stay happier.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your mind and body fit especially as you age. By doing these little variations in your life, you can keep yourself healthy. Involve your family members also to those activities so that the whole family can stay fit and fine. So, now along with gym do add mental fitness activities in your calendar. Your brain and body both are worth it.