The Many Benefits Of Good Posture

The modern life that we live, has its many advantages. Technology has made our lives better in many ways. But it has also been detrimental in a few. Long working hours at a desk in front of a computer has killed something that is essential for good health – a good posture. There are many benefits that result from keeping your body properly aligned.

We will look at some benefits that come as a result of you maintaining a good posture.

Lesser backaches

Your body was designed to stand in a neutral position, which calls for perfect alignment of your joints and muscles. A slouched posture causes unnecessary stress and tension on your muscles, tendons and joints, which results in backaches and pain. When you keep good posture, your muscles that support your spine will function effectively, thus reducing your backaches.

Better breathing ability

When you slouch your body, this reduces your ability to breathe air in freely and completely fill up your lungs with oxygen. This happens because your muscles in the front of your body are shortened when you adopt a slouchy posture. Straightening up and following good posture increases your ability to breathe in oxygen by as much as 30 percent.

Digestion improvements

Good posture also means that your internal organs will align better. This reduces the amount of compression on your stomach, digestive system, intestines and your liver. This helps the food and digestive juices in your digestive system flow more freely. A bad posture does not allow your gastrointestinal system to function normally. This makes you more vulnerable to digestive problems including constipation, low nutrient absorption and so forth.

Concentration boost

Bad posture inhibits the free flow of blood in the body as well as reducing oxygen flow, and this negatively impacts the brain, leading to lapses in concentration and increased stress. With good posture, blood starts flowing more freely and oxygen absorption levels improve, which help more nutrients reach the brain’s neurons. This effectively increases your concentration levels, making you feel more sharp and alert.

Greater function as you grow older

When you adopt bad posture, it can affect the way your body ages. Bad posture causes stress on the connective tissues in your body, making them get stiff and achy as you grow older. If you maintain a good posture in your young days, as you get older, you’ll still have good function in your tissues and muscles, and you will feel great.

More energy to spare

Your muscles have to work harder when they are in unnatural positions. These positions are a result of bad posture. When your muscles are working harder, fatigue and stress inevitably take over, and you waste energy. With good posture, your muscles don’t have to work as hard as they did before, and you’ll have more energy to spare.

More Confidence in your gait

Your body language speaks louder than the words that come out from your mouth. When you are slouched over with droopy muscles, it implies that you lack confidence and that you are afraid. When you maintain good posture, with a straight back and a head held high, it shows that you are confident and are in charge of the situation. This is a effective form of non-verbal communication and it benefits you immensely.

Look Slimmer

When you are bent over and have a slouched posture, you can appear to have a pot belly and an increased midsection. When you walk straight with good posture, it appears that you are slimmer, because your weight is now distributed more evenly.