Less Is More: How Much Fitness Is TOO Much?

Exercising is important for your body and your health. Whenever you go to the doctor you’ll hear you need to exercise if you want to keep a healthy lifestyle. If you are overweighed, the nutritionist will tell you to accompany your diet with a good amount of exercise and you’ll probably try to hit the gym as many times as you can to get that bikini body as soon as possible. Physical activity even generates chemical substances known as endorphins into our brains which makes us feel good and happy. Some people might even get addicted to exercise and to being fit because of this sensation. But can it be possible to do too much exercise? What are the disadvantages of exercising too much?

Less Is More: How Much Fitness Is TOO Much?

First of all let’s start establishing that exercising is a good thing. It has many positive effects like reducing the risk of heart diseases. Your muscles, joints and bones can get stronger and more flexible when you work them out regularly and appropriately while your skin stays toned and purified. Our immune system gets boosted and your fat and sugar levels stay controlled. The endorphin release is great for our mental health and it’s sometimes used as part of the treatment for mental illnesses such as anxiety, stress and depression. The intake of oxygen in aerobic activities help our brains to improve concentration, learning and memory.

Benefits of exercise are many, but as everything in life it has its limit. Too less or too much of anything can have undesirable consequences. Exercise, though being good in adequate amounts, can also cause some problems if done insistently.

Too much exercise or bad done exercise can cause injuries. If your body is not prepared to conquer a goal, the overtraining of a muscle can cause it to break down. Also, if your body doesn’t have enough time to rest and heal itself, you won’t be able to build our organism up again. When you do exercise, your muscles tighten forcing themselves to grow in order to accomplish the task. Too much tension on the muscles without loosening them is also counterproductive.
So if you want to enjoy your exercise session without injuring yourself, here are some tips for taking care of your body and your health.

Less Is More: How Much Fitness Is TOO Much?


Warming up is very important to prepare your body for any exercise you are planning to do. This way your muscles and joints will not overstress by having to deal with a strong exercise from the beginning.
Watch out for a good technique

Each activity you do has its right way of doing it. Try to learn the correct technique well and watch out that you use it always. A bad exercising technique could force you to use your body inappropriately causing damages.
Know when to stop

Our body has a limit, listen to it. Don’t try to be a hero by carrying a lot of weight, running extra miles or doing any exercise when you are not feeling well. There’s nothing wrong with resting when you need to.