Running Safely: Common Running Injuries

1. Runner’s knee

This is a overuse injury that is caused mostly when you strain yourself. It also involved having your kneecap go out of alignment. The cartilage on your knee wears down and you might feel pain when this happens. It is usually inflamed when you go up and down stairs, bending the knee when you sit for a long time and squat.

Know The Common Running Injuries

2. Stress fracture

This refers to the crack in a bone that can cause pain. It is usually common around the shin and the feet. It is often due to overworking before you get used to an activity that is new to you. Pain usually increases when you increase activity because the stress on the bone is magnified.

3. Shin splint.

This is pain that occurs in the inside or the front of the lower leg along the shin bone, also known as tibia. They occur when you change your workout routine to something more intense. They are hard to differentiate from a shin fracture but the pain here is usually evenly spread along most of the bone. If you have flat feet, you are more likely to get this. Treating it will need you to rest, stretch and return very slowly to activity after several weeks of rest.

4. Achilles tendinopathy

This condition was known as tendinitus and it is an Achilles tendon inflammation. The tendon is the one that attaches the back of the heel to the calf. It can cause stiffness and pain usually in the morning when you wake and when you perform an activity. It is caused by repeatedly straining the tendon. Easing the pain or treating it will need you to rest, ice the area and stretch the calf.

5. Muscle pull

A small tearing of the muscle when you overstretch it causes muscle pull. You might feel a popping sensation when it happens. RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is the most common treatment for it. Often, it happens in the hamstring, calves, quadriceps and groin.

6. Ankle sprain

The accidental stretching and subsequent tearing of ligaments that surround the ankle causes this. It happens when you twist the foot or it rolls inwards. They get better with RICE treatment.

7. Plantar fasciitis

An inflammation of the thick tissue that extends from the heel to the toes at the bottom of your foot causes this. If you have tight calves and a high arch, you are more prone to getting this. It can be linked to additional activities and sometimes happens for no obvious reason. Stretch your calf, rest, ice and wear good shoes to treat this.

Know The Common Running Injuries

8. IT (iliotibial) band syndrome

The syndrome cause pain on the knees’ outside. There is a ligament that along the outside of the thigh from the hop to the outside of the knee. When it thickens and rubs the knee bone, it causes inflammation. Cut back on exercises, heat and stretch before activity and ice after activity to treat.