Importance of Cardio to your health

The importance of having a healthy working heart cannot be stressed enough. The smallest defect in the heart can cause a myriad of health issues and even death. The heart is at the center of all body functions and therefore it needs to be taken care of by all means necessary.

As a result of the foods we eat today and the lifestyle choices we make, the human heart is constantly under the threat of failure and malfunctions. There is an increase in the number of younger people suffering from heart-related diseases that were earlier known to be more prevalent in older people. This change is said to have been occasioned by lifestyle changes that have brought on different patterns, some of which are harmful to the heart.

In order to minimize the occurrence potential of heart diseases, one has to ensure that they maintain cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular exercises improve the functionality of the heart, blood vessels, and even the lungs. Simple cardio exercises daily can have a number of benefits for your overall health. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved heart functionality

Like every other muscle in the body, the heart also requires exercise in order to keep it working efficiently. Cardio exercises increase the stamina of the heart and enable a person to perform other tasks without being winded and running out of breath. Being able to walk or run or even perform other energies involving tasks depend on the soundness of the heart.

  • Weight loss

Doing cardio exercises regularly helps the body to burn calories and this reduces fat deposits in the body. Reduced fat deposits also enable the body function to be at optimum; including blood circulation that is sometimes hampered by fats that can block the vessels. It is no secret that people with obese tendencies are at higher risk of suffering from heart-related conditions.

  • Improved hormonal production

Cardio workouts promote the release of dopamine which is popularly known as the feel-good hormone. This hormone helps the body to relieve stress and improves the overall mood of the person by giving them a more upbeat outlook on life. Starting the day by participating in some form of cardio will ensure that one begins their day in a refreshed and invigorated state of mind.

  • Better sugar control

Participating in cardiovascular exercises involve the use of several body muscles. This usage then translates into the muscles using even more glucose thus effectively regulating the sugar levels in the body. This is specifically beneficial to people who suffer from diabetes as they can then keep their sugar level in check through regular cardio.

  • Cardio improves muscle building

This is particularly important for people who work out with the intent to gain body mass. Before embarking on any muscle building exercise, it is important to take up some cardio so as to improve the heart rate before diving into the heavy lifting. Cardio increases the blood circulation into the muscles leading to faster muscle building and repairs.

Regular cardio will not only improve the heart’s functionality but it will also ensure the overall well being of the rest of the body.