How to Identify Skin Allergies and Treat Them in Time

A lot of people experience allergy at least once in their life. You might wake up one day and develop some itchy, reddish, swollen and bumpy skin. This can be caused by food allergens, pets, nickel, oil, and a lot more. The important thing is to treat them quickly before they worsen. Having an allergy can cause serious discomfort. They should be given medical attention immediately. We are here to help you out in identifying the symptoms of skin allergies.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergies can be sudden. You can have an allergy even if you have never experienced it before. Contact dermatitis can be identified by a burning sensation. Your skin develops nasty red rashes. They are also very itchy. When you touch something and you develop allergies, it can be a sign that you have contact dermatitis. However, the allergy sometimes does not happen overnight. It might take one to ten days before getting the allergy.  It might be caused by touching nickel, jewelry, soap, shampoo, nail polish, poison ivy, oak, and a lot more. Your dermatologist may recommend creams that will relieve you from the itch. In order for your dermatologist to determine what exactly the cause of the allergy, you should tell them the things that you did before you experienced the allergy. You might get an allergy while hiking, eating shellfish, or while you are smelling flowers. Tell them also what foods you ate before you developed rashes. You may take oral medications in order to cure your allergy. They can disappear within a few hours of taking medicines. However, your doctor will recommend that you take the medicine for at least a week in order to make sure that they won’t come back within 24 hours.


There are a lot of allergens that can trigger hives. Some of them can be pollen, latex, blood transfusions, eggs, nuts, shellfish, or insect bites. They are also known as urticaria. Hives can take a day or up to 10 years to develop. The symptoms are commonly red bumps with clear edges. The center of the inflamed skin turns white when pressed. This is called blanching. They can appear in many areas of the body. They can also hinder your breathing and that will require immediate medical attention. Hives can appear in 24 hours and disappear afterward without leaving a mark. If your allergies persist and they last for over a month, then you should get medical help. The common cure is a cold compress that can relieve the swelling and the itchiness. However, dermatologists can make you take antihistamines which are very effective in curing your allergies.


This allergy can be hereditary. It is commonly mistaken as hives. However, there are indications that will help you identify this allergy. Your mouth and eyes swell. Your hands, feet, and throat develop rashes. You experience cramps in your stomach or difficulty in breathing. The hot, inflamed skin can be very itchy. This can be commonly triggered by eating shrimps or peanuts.

Allergies are caused by the overreaction of one’s immune system to an antigen. You can alter your diet if it’s the cause of the allergy. Make sure to avoid the things that will trigger it in the future. Some foods that you can include in your diet are garlic, lemons, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, raw cheese, gluten-free grains, and coconut milk. Allergies can range from mild to moderate. Most of the time, your skin and body heal on their own. However, severe allergies need dermatologists. They can be life-threatening and can cause severe discomfort. Visit your doctor if it’s the first time that you experience it in order to identify early the causes of your allergy.