Is It Healthy To Exercise Every Day?

There is a misconception that the more you exercise the healthier you will become. This is a myth and the simple fact is, if you exercise every day, it will negatively impact your health. Everything needs to be done in moderation and that includes working out. To understand why it is not healthy to exercise everyday you have to understand what exercise really does to your body.

What is exercise

When you exercise you are actually tearing and rebuilding your muscles and although eating the right kinds of foods will tissue repair, if you don’t give your body time to heal you will cause permanent damage. There is no one in history that exercises everyday and if they do it will only take the right test and experiments to prove they are not as healthy as they want us to believe. It is very important that you understand this.

Professional athletes

No one exercises more that professional athletes. Body builders most of all. They are in the gym ninety percent of the time. If you ask one of these people if they exercise everyday the answer will be the same. Your body needs time to recuperate. If you go at it everyday you will defeat the purpose and not only that but you increase the chances of getting injured.

Professional sports

If exercising was healthy then all professional sports would require each team to play a game every single day. The human body is not built to run like that. It doesn’t matter how well you eat if your body does not get sufficient time to rebuild it is collapse or worst. Exercise is essential to ensure a healthy body but overdoing it will destroy you.

If you are planning to exercise every day then you have to make allowances for really slow days when you don’t really put any pressure on the body or you only work one part of the body per day. Even doing so you will still need to schedule rest days. You have to look at it logically, even god had to rest on the seventh day and he is almighty and you are only human. It is especially important for beginners to know that their body needs rest. The human body has many of failsafe procedures that helps to protect itself. If you exercise everyday without rest at some point your body will retaliate and it will automatically shut down, whether you want it to or not.

Doctor’s advice

Even doctors will tell you it’s not a wise decision to push your body that far. You lose a lot of minerals and nutrients through your sweat when you exercise. Even if you drink electrolyte rich sports beverages, you will never replenish these electrolytes if you exercise every day. The bottom line is this, the body needs rest and the body need to recuperate. If you deny your body this it will activate a failsafe program and stop going regardless of how driven and determined you are. This is just how he human body works.