What Does Healthy Eating Mean?

Have you ever wondered what it really means to eat healthy? Many people will tell you that it means to eat healthy foods but that is not always the right thing being there is lots of ‘healthy foods” available. The problem with these types of food in recent years there have been more reports about people developing intolerances to food and food related products.


Cheese can be considered a very healthy food to eat that will provide vitamins, minerals and bone strengthening calcium. For people that are lactose intolerant, would you consider this particular food healthy or would you consider it dangerous. This is the case with almost every food on the planet and there is always someone that is intolerant or allergic. If this is the case how do you determine what foods are healthy to eat.

The best foods

The definition of healthy eating comes down to the best foods for individuals that provide all the nutrients their body needs. This includes protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Everybody needs nutrients and when you combine that with staying active it equals healthy living.  Eating healthy s very important to people with a disease or a condition.

Breast cancer

Women with breast cancer have to be careful of what they eat the increase in their weight. This might have a negative impact on their condition. This is the same for anyone with diabetes. A diabetic person has to follow a strict diet of healthy foods and healthy living. There are some persons with intolerances to certain foods and these people need to eat healthy. If you have a food intolerance that mean you can’t eat certain foods, like those who are lactose intolerant. It you can’t eat dairy foods you will need to create a diet where you find a substitution for the nutrients that dairy products would have provided for you.

The right foods for you

It really s important to learn what foods are healthy and right for you. If you have problems digesting certain foods you might have a food intolerant and you need to talk to your doctor about your possible condition. There are certain foods that are healthier than others and the following list the best ones.

Green leafy vegetables


Nuts and whole grains

Dairy products

Fish and sea food

Tubers like yams and potatoes

White meat and red meats in small amounts

There are a lot more food that are considered healthy food that is good for you to eat. You can search the internet for a list of all the foods that are healthy. You can find all kinds of recipes to go along with these foods if you are not sure how to best prepare them. Your health is important an t is up to you to find out what is good for you to eat and the foods that is best you stay away from. You have to remember that all foods are not for everybody and each person’s body reacts different to certain foods.