Healthy Eating Habits To Adapt Alongside Workouts

Healthy and fit bodies are made in the kitchen, or so they say. It is also said that you are what you eat. Having a balance between food and workouts is a seemingly difficult task for many people who genuinely want to pursue fitness but counteract their activities by eating all kinds of junk and unhealthy foods.  It is quite unfortunate that for some people, a proper workout session often ends up in a huge glass of milkshake and a slice of cake on the side. This begs the question of what really should you eat as you work towards your ideal body?

First of you should always energize before going in for a workout session. This will give you the stamina to go all out during the session and even help you work out for longer. The body needs to fuel before getting down and doing any difficult task and you don’t want to pass out in the gym because of hunger. Having a slow digesting light meal at least an hour before you hit the gym will do the trick. Pre-workout supplements should be taken at least 20 minutes before the session begins so that the energy burst kicks in just in time for your first workout.

During the workout session, you might want to consider staying hydrated by drinking some plain or glucose water just to boost your energy and prevent you from feeling woozy. This is also a good point in your workout routine to take some sips out of your glass of BCAAs if you are into those kinds of supplements. Glucose water is, however, your best bet for a quick shot of energy.

Fuelling up after a workout is a must do for just about anyone. This is where the temptation to cheat often comes in and you end up eating something that cancels out all the gains you have made at the gym. This is nothing to be ashamed about as it happens to some of the best fitness enthusiasts as well. In order to prevent such a situation, however, it is advisable to eat a fruit snack immediately after your workout sessions. Fruits such as bananas or oranges will give you a quick shot of sugars that will enable your body to get an immediate supply of energy. Fruits rich in vitamin C will even enable your muscle to start healing faster, therefore, reducing muscle pain and cramps.

Having a quick fruit snack will however not be enough as your body will still need to refuel. You will need to make sure that you get an actual proper meal afterward. These meals should ideally be rich in healthy protein so that you can start the process of muscle repair as soon as possible.

However, if you are on mass gaining supplements or even whey protein you might want to take those before you eat your actual meal. This should be done at least 30 minutes after completing your workout. Never ever use supplements to replace actual meals, eat your food after taking your supplements. They are called supplements for a reason and therefore you cannot use them on their own.

The most important thing you should take all day, every day, whether you are working out or not is water. Staying hydrated on a regular basis is good for your body inside and outside. Whatever you do, have your meals with moderation. Overdoing cheat day may seem appealing at the moment but is the guilt that you’ll feel much later be worth all that junk you stuffed yourself with? Remember you can still indulge healthily even on cheat day; it’s all in the portions.