Health Hazard of Late Night Sleep and Sleep Disorder

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.
William Blake

Thinking of watching YouTube or Netflix all night, churning down chocolate after chocolate? “It’s just one night” you say. A night turns to weeks and months of sleepless night. Before taking such decision of stayinglateup all night or not even sleeping, I’m sure you don’t want to have an unproductive day looking all crankedup and tired. Missingyour whole night of sleep have serious consequences. You put your mental health, human interpersonal relationships and physical health at big risk. You might lose weight, get weakened immune system.
Some, however, can’t sleep because of the sleep disorders. They find it difficult sleeping. A lot of factors might be the cause of these orders. Stress, hectic schedules are few causes. Mental health condition can be another cause. Sleeping disorders are increasingly common in the States. Unlike late night sleep, sleep disorders are indirect consequences of your lifestyle. Environmental factors such as excessive intake of alcohol,asthma, depression and anxiety, all leads to sleep disorder.
To maintain balance and gain optimum functionality, the body needs rest. Chemical and biological balance are restored. Bad tissues are repaired. Brain’s retention is enhanced. The importance of sleep can’t be overemphasized. When you refuse to get ample sleeping time, your lifestyle and quality of life is affected. And definitely not for the best. The negative effects of sleep disorders can lead to poor work performance, relationship strains.
You’ve had a lack of sleeping time, the following are easily observed:
You look drowsy
You yawn always
You get irritated
A person suffering from sleep disorders will exhibit these symptoms:
Irresistible urge to sleep in the day
Poor concentration
Fatigue in the morning.
If you keep staying up late and don’t take a good time to sleep, you are more likely to suffer from:
Poor immune system

When asleep, the body facilitates the production of cytokines,infection fighting substances. Cytokineshelps the immune system fight infections. In the absence of these substances, you’re prone to infections. You get sick so quickly, might get chronic illness. You put yourself at the risk of getting high blood pressure, heart attack and even diabetes.
You probably don’t want to get obese or overweight, but your lifestyle says otherwise. Staying up late and getting no sleep affect hormone levels, particularly hormones for satisfaction after meal and that of appetite stimulation. The connection between these hormones and sleep causes physiological changes. When you stay up late, you get hungry and eats more and gain weight.
Poorbrain power
When sleeping, neurons form pathways to help store new information. Not sleeping makes the brain exhausted and in need of nutrients. Concentration is impaired and the brain can’t perform the necessary activities. Coordination skills are poor and the risk of getting an accident doubles. You begin to feel impatient and cranky. Efficient learning seems impossible.
Cardiovascular diseases
Sleep reduces stress. The heart pressure is normalized when sleeping. All heart vessels (from the capillaries to the arteries) are cared for during sleep. Poor sleep attitude increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
Sleep attacks are common during the day. You become extremely tired and fall asleep during the day. You might even suffer from sleeping paralysis, inability to move after waking up. What’s worse? You might end up suffering from lot of neurological disorders.
Lack of adequate sleep feeds depression. Less sleeping hours at night leads to higher depression rate. Lack of sleep have more dangerous effects on you as depression symptoms increases. Depression have been found to be the major cause of suicide. Hence, goodnightsleeping can help reduce depression if you’re suffering from it.
If you’re suffering from sleep disorders, get to see a doctor and stick to the treatment routine. Otherwise, you are hurting up to 10 of your personal importance.