Health Benefits of Onions: Best Remedy Available in Your Kitchen

Onions are known for their pungent smell and their ability to make you cry. However, this root vegetable is a ghost of health benefits. The fact that these are available almost every time at home, these can be the best remedy for different types of diseases and viral infections. In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of onions.

High in Minerals

Onions are rich in minerals. Onions have high amounts of Vitamin C, folate, chromium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The phytochemicals and Vitamin C in onions help improve immunity. The chromium assists in regulating blood sugar. The green tops are rich in Vitamin A.

Health Benefits of Onions: Best Remedy Available in Your Kitchen

Prevents Cancer

Onions have a powerful compound in them called quercetin. Quercetin has been proved to protect against many different types of cancer in the body. It also boosts immune response and even helps with cataracts. The quercetin in onions has additionally investigated for its ability to improve heart health, prevent heart disease and keep the blood flow smooth.

Heal Infections

For centuries, onions have been in use to heal infections and reduce inflammation. Even if you are stung by a honeybee, applying onion juice on the area can provide immediate relief from pain and burning sensation.

Health Benefits of Onions: Best Remedy Available in Your Kitchen

Prevents Tooth Problems

Chewing raw onion can relieve a toothache. It helps kill germs in the mouth and prevent tooth and gum disorders. However, brushing your teeth afterward is necessary.

Good for Diabetes Patients

For diabetes patients, onions are the best medicine they can get. Onions improve insulin levels and reduce blood sugar levels. It is also believed that onions improve the performance of pancreas which produces insulin in the human body. However, this statement is not research proved, and many health experts are against this view.

Heal Chest Infection

Health Benefits of Onions: Best Remedy Available in Your Kitchen

Onions act like an expectorant. They assist in breaking up mucus and congestion in the chest and reduce spasmodic coughs. They work best for a chest poultice. For patients with a chest infection, consuming heated onion can provide maximum relief, and it can also help in breaking chest congestion.

Treats Ear Infections

A roasted or baked onion cooled to a comfortable warmth and placed on the ear can help to relieve painful inflammation. It helps fight bacterial or viral infection in the ear. A few drops of onion juice in the ear can also reduce inflammation. These onion drops can also be used to clean the ears.

These are some of the best health benefits of onions. Besides these health benefits, onions add a significant amount of taste and flavor to the meal. You can add these to your food to make excess gravies and use it as a flavor enhancer. Cooking delicious dishes is now very comfortable with onions. Onion pickle can also be made and eaten with rice to add a sour flavor to your meal.