Why Is Green Cleaning Beneficial To Your Health?

Green cleaning is becoming a thing of the future with more information becoming available to people about the chemicals that are in our everyday cleaning products and just how harmful they are to our families, people have started looking for something more organic with as less chemical content as possible. Some products on the shelf can cause many health problems such as respiratory health problems and many allergic reactions.

When you look on the back of many products relating to cleaning you will see a list of chemicals with names we cannot even pronounce, if you choose to green clean you know exactly what is in the cleaner you are using. Constant exposure to certain products over a long period of time can lead to more serious illnesses like cancer and reproduction problems. There are many ingredients in your pantry that can clean better than chemically brought products and are better for your health.Bleach is a common cleaning agent but has been known to cause many health problems as well as it is leaking dangerous gases if mixed with other cleaning products. Often you can just clean most of your house with the one pantry ingredient that can do many jobs without switching cleaners.
Using safe cleaning products can help with the quality of your indoor air; once the indoor air is compromised with gases it can get into your lungs and cause many health risks associated with the lungs and chest.

Also green cleaning is beneficial for the environment as well, so your helping to keep the earth green as well. We are exposed to many chemicals on a daily basis, at work, pollution from traffic etc.
We can’t control what we breath in outdoors but inside your home you have full control over the air you breathe in creating a safer environment for your family. What we clean our house with is just as important as what we put into our bodies; we simply wouldn’t eat a pile of chemicals willingly so why breathe them in. Did you know you can not only inhale but also absorb the chemicals through your skin if you are cleaning with a harsh product and not wearing gloves. There is really an endless supply of cons for harsh chemical cleaning so try to avoid it and research the benefits of green cleaning and start to create a better breathing environment for your family while also helping to create a greener earth. 
Make sure you look for products that don’t hide their ingredients or use abbreviations and be aware products that have eco-friendly or organic on them doesn’t mean they are 100% safe usually it means they may be organic plant based but still contain harsh chemicals.

Don’t be shy move over to green cleaning and you’ll soon feel the difference in your home not to mention feeling better in yourself physically and mentally. Not only is green cleaning good for the health and environment but also your pocket. Try being a little creative and make your own green products for cleaning. If you are making your own green products you are in charge of what is going in and how much. There are so many unhealthy chemicals going into our products that most times we cannot even pronounce the ingredient life. You will not only be saving money by, making your own products but you can add what works for you like different essential oils.

Once you have experimented and get the gist of making these you can always make green cleaning products for friends and family to help encourage them to start a path of green cleaning to improve their overall health.