Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Knowing the minimum effective dose for your exercise can help you get your desired results. Here’s how you can get the most out of your workout routine.

Improve Metabolic Health

Mitochondria are the cell and the body’s power plants. It metabolizes fuel and converts it into useable energy. The more mitochondria there is and the better they function, the more glucose and fat you are going to use. Energy overload is not good for the cells, so having more mitochondria will keep you healthier. To promote mitochondrial biogenesis, you will most likely need to sprint. In one study, doing four thirty-second all-out cycling sprints helped activate mitochondrial biogenesis in the skeletal muscle of the participants. Shorter sprints will work as well.


Enhance Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a combination of aerobic capacity, strength, and strength-endurance. There are exercises that can improve these capabilities, including wall sits, jumping jacks, step-ups, pushups, dips, squats, crunches, lunges, planks, side planks, pushups with rotation and running in position with high knees. Perform these exercises for thirty seconds with ten seconds of rest in between.

Control Blood Sugar

Those short post-meal strolls you do can certainly help. It enhances your ability to handle spikes in your blood sugar after meals and regulates fasting blood sugar. While higher volume training also improves blood sugar control, a short post-meal stroll is the easiest, most minimal and simplest way to control your blood sugar.


Improve Aerobic Ability and Muscle Endurance

You can improve your aerobic ability and muscle endurance at the same time. Adult females performed one 4-minute Tabata protocol with one exercise 4 times a week for 4 weeks. Their exercises included squat thrusts, jumping jacks, burpees or mountain climbers. A separate group ran on the treadmill for thirty minutes at 85 percent maximum heart rate. Their fitness levels were assessed after 4 weeks. The interval group improved their aerobic ability by 8 percent, while the treadmill group improved by 7%. The former also enjoyed significant gains in their muscle endurance. They found the Tabata exercise protocol to be more sustainable and enjoyable than aerobic exercise protocols.

man boxing
If you want to boost your muscular endurance and conditioning, perform protocol Tabata burpees several times a week. In case you want to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, perform five four- minute intense interims once every two weeks. To promote mitochondrial biogenesis, engage in 5 four-second all-out sprints with twenty seconds of rest. Three times every week might be enough. If you want to boost your insulin sensitivity, ride the bike four times for thirty seconds three times a week. Rest period should be four minutes. Walking for 15 minutes after every meal can help reduce your blood sugar levels and promote fasting blood sugar. A seven-minute nonstop bodyweight workout can help you become more fit overall.
Many of these exercises will have crossover effects with one another. There is really no need to perform all of them because if you do, you are just making a high volume training program.