Get “RSPCT” On the Basketball Court

Replicating a shot is difficult. You can copy the form, you can copy the movement, but you can never exactly tell where the ball will land, how high its arc is, and how the ball rotates. These are things that are out of our control, and at the end of the day, it may well be what determines a game.

Oren Moravchik worked on a technology that made the basketball hoop as a target in a shooting range rather than just a ring hovering over a hardwood. As a basketball fan, he worked years to combine his sport and the game he loves to come up with RSPCT, or Real Shooting Percentage.

The concept behind the technology is for a player to work out with their shooting coach where the center of the ball landed on the ring. That way, they can analyze what mannerisms or form would have caused the ball to shoot or miss. It also includes the ball’s arc, or maybe lack thereof.

Get RSPCT On the Basketball Court

It is very to easy to set-up. All it needs is electricity, Wi-Fi, and most important of all, a ball and a basketball court.

According to Oren Sadeh, RSPCT’s CTO, the device will tell you more than when a shot was made or missed. The quality of the shot is also assessed, as well as t he accuracy as to how a player shoot.

In addition, it also promises that the information that it presents to both coaches and players is easy to understand with the help of infographics that are easy to read that even children would understand.

Sadeh and Moravchik dreams of every child having access to the technology that they developed, regardless of where the child may be. In the backyard, on the schoolgrounds, or on the playground. This may be the key for those who dream to becoming the next sharpshooter on the hardwood.

They also claim that the younger children start using their device, the better it is for them, especially when it comes to perfecting their shot.

Moreover, they believe that it could also be a source of friendly competition between friends. The data provided by RSPCT can be printed on a piece of paper. This gives them a platform in which they can share and compare it among their teammates, or friends. If they have done worse, this could easily fuel a fire in the child’s belly to get better.

However, the pair claims that their technology can do more than that.
They also visualize it to work just like how the Hawk Eye technology is for tennis, especially when it comes to matters such as goaltending.

Nowadays, there are many stoppages in the middle of the game to get a call right. This will then relieve the pressure off the referees’ shoulders since the call will be made by the device installed in the ball being used.

Get RSPCT On the Basketball Court

In addition, they claim that it may have application for other sports too, but they want to optimize it first for basketball before they move on to others to help perfect every one of the next generation’s shots.