How To Get A Great Scent In Your Home Naturally

Who does not love to have some great natural aroma in their house at all times? While there are plenty of room fresheners available on the market all coming from different brands, the difference between artificial fragrance and natural fragrance is usually very apparent.
Too many people think artificial fragrances are extremely off-putting because of their sharp nature.  On the other hand, natural fragrances are extremely beneficial as they work as a mental energy booster great after a long day away at work. According to a number of scientific studies, natural fragrance of fruits and/or herbs inside the house does not only improve your mood but also acts as a stress reliever hence encouraging productivity but also relaxation.

So in order to make your home smell good naturally, consider the following ideas:
1. Use rosemary and lemon
Make use of lemon juice, rosemary, water, and some vanilla extract to make a natural room freshener for your house. You can simply pour and store the solution inside a mason jar or a spray bottle for ease of use. The benefits of lemon and rosemary are that they leave an extremely refreshing fragrance for a longer amount of time.

2. Make use of lilac
May is a month that is usually awaited for the sweet fragrance of lilacs in the air. Well in order to make your home smell like a lilac garden, make a DIY room freshener with some water, lilac oil, and vodka. Spray it around a couple of times, and let the residents/guests enjoy the breezy feeling.

3. Use rosemary + lavender for carpets
Apart from using rosemary with lemon, you can also use it along with lavender to make a carpet powder that will freshen your carpets naturally. Create a mixture of some dried rosemary, lavender oil, and baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture on to your carpet and let it stay for 15 – 30 minutes. Then clean it off using a vacuum cleaner for a fresh smelling carpet.

4. Spring Simmering Pot Recipes
There are a number of simmering pot recipes that are available in DIY stores and in some dollar shops. These allow you to fill your house up with some tangy yet natural fragrance.

5. Use a Plug-In Refill
Instead of throwing out your air fresheners with a plug-in bottle, you can reuse the container to fill it up with your own home-made air freshener. However, most air-fresheners are flammable so wash the insides of the container properly first.

6. Use an orange and cinnamon air freshener
Well, the type of natural air freshener that you wish to use completely depends on your taste. Orange and cinnamon air freshener usually has a very refreshing fragrance just as Lemon and Rosemary air freshener has. This is because both orange and lemon are citrus fruits. All that you need to do is to create a solution of orange oil, cinnamon oil, and water and spray it around.

7. Make an orange and cranberry stovetop potpourri
There are a number of stovetop potpourris that you can make in the kitchen. However, around a holiday season such as Christmas, an orange and cranberry potpourri will simply leave your house filled with some warm cozy scent that everyone will love.

8. Make a reed diffuser
Take a glass container that has a small opening and fill it with some lavender oil, rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil, and essential oil for the perfect scent for a bedroom or lounge. Use lemon oil instead of lavender oil for the kitchen.