How To Get A Full Body Workout Without The Gym

It’s no surprise exercise plays a critical role in our overall health. That being said, we still find a laundry list of excuses to not go to the gym. However little do we expect that you can actually do a full body workout without the need to hit the gym.

Below we touch on the four types of exercises and how stuff around the house can help you.

Four Core Rules

But before we jump into the exercises, first there are some rules to keep in mind. These are important as we get into the exercises themselves.

  1. Always breath. Seems like an obvious one but when were in the middle of a workout we can forget. In a lot of cases people know to breath in on the easier parts and breath out during the hard part, but that isn’t always the case. We’ll be noting which exercises those are reversed.
  2. Be mindful of form. Doing an exercise wrong can quickly dissipate and lead to injury if you continue to do it wrong. Avoid that by being informed about the exercises and even ask a friend to watch your form first.
  3. Take it slowly. While aerobic exercises are the exception, most others can be done slowly. This doesn’t mean you take long breaks in between each push up, but also don’t do thmem as fast as you can.
  4. Your goal is to fail. The key to any workout is fail. This doesn’t mean to give up part way or get frustrated about an exercise. This means to actually push your body to the point where doing more would be dangerous. Don’t focus so much on the reps but actually your form as well as working as hard as you can.

With this in mind here’s the exercises you can do.


Some things you can do for cardio are actually interval training. An example of interval training would be jogging lightly for a few minutes (2-5 minutes) followed by 1 minutes of high-speed running and 1 minute of low-speed jogging repeating several times before finishing off with a light jog or walk to cool down.

If running isn’t your thing, you can take up cycling or even climbing. For climbing it can help you significantly and it’s something you can do indoors as well. One way you can get away with climbing is actually using your stairs at home. A good start for climbing up and down stairs is 10 (so 20 times total, 10 up, 10 down)

Upper Body

The classic upper body exercises to consider are push-ups. But to figure out how many you should do is hard to say.

With pushups one idea to consider is The One Hundred Push Ups plan. It’s a great way to build up strength quickly, however not everyone is ready for that. Instead a good goal for others would be to build yourself up to that point.

One thing to note with pushups is you can get a better effect if you breath in when lowering your body and exhaling when lifting up.


For the core and midsection of your body, one of the go to exercises is sit-ups. That being said there are a variety of types of sit-ups and one of the best one outs there is the roll up.

The roll up is similar to a normal sit-up but there are some differences. One is you start with your arms way behind you and you bring them fully forward when you get up into the sitting position. Breathing is key in this exercise and you should be inhaling as you begin to move upward and exhale when complete.

Another exercise to consider as well is a the basic plank. It’s a challenging exercise but can work your entire core nicely.

Lower Body

Lastly comes your lower body. Even though with all these exercises suggested, working lower body may seem excessive but lower body exercises can also help in a variety of other areas. As such you shouldn’t discount them. In fact a lot of the best exercises for you step from lower body workouts.

Take for example squats. Squats are simple, but also one of the most effective exercises out there. If you can do a lot of them, one thing you can consider is the 200 squat challenge.