Foods To Avoid After Exercise

It is so tempting for us to make the wrong nutritional decisions these days. Food that is unhealthy but also cheap and satisfying is always right around the corner. For those of us who exercise, the battle to eat right is even more critical. Those who are into fitness usually educate themselves on what foods they should avoid and what foods they should consume. These same people also have the necessary knowledge to know when to eat the proper foods and how much they should eat. Unfortunately, not everyone is up to speed about which foods are detrimental to their health and their respective fitness goals.

Obviously, it is best to stay away from fast food after exercising (especially fast foods with high amounts of fat). These foods may be satisfying at first, but can also nullify your workout. The large amount of fat slows down digestion and increases the amount of fat stored in your body. Examples of fast food with high amounts of fat include french fries and nachos among others. Bacon is also not an advisable source of protein after a workout. Bacon takes longer to metabolize and can slow down the metabolic processes taking place within your body.

Eating pizza is also an ill-advised decision to make following a workout. This is particularly true if said pizza is topped with certain meats. Many times, pizzas have extreme amounts of grease and can send you back to square one in terms of fitness if not consumed at the appropriate time. Pizza can be a tempting choice due to the amount of cheese in the pizzas and the toppings that are included with them. It is more prudent to look for healthier alternatives that include cheese instead. It may be true that pizza does serve some benefits as a post-workout meal, but it is better to avoid it as a post-workout meal as a whole.

Sugary drinks, whether they be sodas or energy drinks or another form of beverage are not conducive to a proper recovery after a workout. Like bacon, sugary drinks slow the metabolism which in turn results in more fat being stored in your body. Drinks with higher amounts of sugar should only be consumed in certain situations such as the replenishment of lost electrolytes after a period of extreme sweating. In order to err on the side of safety, it is better to drink a bottle of water.

The foods and drinks mentioned here are only some of the foods and drinks available to us that we can avoid in order to maximize the results of our workouts and our diets. The fact that dieting is more important to fitness than exercise cannot be overstated at all. A good diet is more than half the battle in the greater war for fitness. Making healthier dietary choices every day can result in a more healthier you and more significant fitness gains. With this information, those choices should be made a little more clear and easier to make.