Fitness for different body types

Whereas working out can drastically change how a person looks physically, genetic makeup also plays a huge role on the body type you get and what you can do to improve on what you have. Generally, there are three body types to which a person can belong. These are the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. These body types come about naturally and can influence the type of workout routines that you can do and also the meals that you should focus more on to achieve the level of fitness you desire.

What exactly do these body types mean and how do you know where to categorize yourself?


People with this body type tend to have longer arms and legs and are leaner in physique. They hardly gain weight or muscle unless they put in a lot of effort. These are those kinds of people who will eat just about everything and the weight difference will be negligible.

Ectomorphs struggle a lot when it comes to mass and muscle building. To achieve this feat, they need to undertake efficient weight training on a regular basis to make any significant gains in size. Their work out sessions needs to be focused on muscular hypertrophy.

They also tend to have a faster metabolism. This means they need an even higher amount of calorie intake on a daily basis to gain in size. Ectomorphs should consider mass gain supplements to improve their chances of gaining anything in terms of size from workouts.


Mesomorphs are considered to be the luckiest people to walk the earth. This is because their bodies are genetically muscular and well-built even without working out. They have a faster metabolism to match their body structure.

Mesomorphs can generally gain weight as fast as they can lose it. With the right weight training, mesomorphs can achieve well-toned and shredded bodies that elude people with different body types. This body type is very common with athletes.


Endomorphs are bodies that can retain fats much easier than the other two body types. People with this body type tend to lean towards the heavier side. They have a higher probability to store fats that make them bigger in size.

While endomorphs have a higher potential to gain weight, their ability to lose it is not always that good. They, therefore, need to pay closer attention to their eating habits and workout in order to keep their bodies in shape. 

Watching how much calories they take in on a daily basis and focusing on intense workout programs can, however, help them to keep their body fat levels low. This they can do by constantly eating clean to prevent their bodies from storing too many calories. Their metabolism is slower than that of the other body types and so regular workouts can help them stay in good shape.

Their workout sessions should also incorporate lots of cardio and high-intensity workouts. They should also try out weight training in order to help them burn more fats and replace it with muscle. This will ensure they get leaner bodies like their mesomorph counterparts.

It is important to know that while these are the basic body types, there are people who exhibit characteristics in at least two of the available body types. These people can be described as being in between body types.

Knowing the body type you belong to is important because then you can get workout routines and meal plans that will help you improve on what you have. There is no one size fits all when it comes to working out; getting a tailor-made program will be more beneficial in terms of visible gains.