Why Everyone Should Try Rugby At Least Once

Rugby is now becoming a popular game with billions of fans all around the world. This is because it’s one of the most entertaining games to watch and play. However, most people have the notion that rugby is a very dangerous game that can result to injuries. On the contrary, this should never be the case and this is why:

Why Everyone Should Try Rugby At Least Once

It’s Not Violent As It Seems

The game usually has gigantic guys who run around with this oval ball while pushing and shoving each other making the game seem barbaric to some. In as much as there are some risks such as breaking your fingers or ankles, the game is still safe. For instance, crushing in on your opponent is encouraged in American Football while it is greatly discouraged in rugby. Besides, American Football requires one to be armed to the teeth unless you want to lose your neck. Rugby does not require one to wear any padding, this suggests that the game is never going to be violent despite the rare risks of concussion. In addition to this, there is no way a player can hit their opponent so hard when wearing no protector because he will also feel the impact.

You Will Make Many New Friends

Looking for new friends? Rugby’s got you! Once you join rugby, it means you will spend most of your time enjoying the game with your teammates. You will be meeting your teammates in the field when playing and even when practicing. Your opponents on the other hand will make good friends especially when you regularly meet up for matches. The tackles and handoffs in the game will not prevent you from eating and drinking happily together. Being a communal game, it brings together all the people. These include your teammates, opponents and most importantly the loyal fans and supporters of the teams. Believe you me, the bond created in a team will be strong enough to get you trustworthy lifetime friends. It’s a game that goes far to build long lasting positive relationships.

You Can Play

The game is quite accommodating as anyone can play. You don’t have to be big and mighty in order to qualify for the play. If you are an athlete, then this is your game. If you are a sharpshooter, the oval ball is waiting for you. If you are a god at catching, I don’t need to tell you to join the nearest club at your home. There are numerous positions where you can comfortably play and get to like this amazing game very much.

Why Everyone Should Try Rugby At Least Once

Following The Rules And Respecting The Traditions

Whatever the referee announces in the game is final. It should be followed to the letter without causing any fuss in the pitch. Respecting the captain of the team alongside the team’s officials is a thing that the players take so seriously. The game will surely help you to live a decent disciplined life. All said and done, it’s now up to you to decide on the rugby club that you are going to join.