Efficient Kitchen Design Trends For A Tiny Space

You can maximize the storage spaces in your small kitchen with these space saving hacks. You can have a cozy home that has plenty of charm it can be a small apartment or townhouse. However, these can be lacking in kitchen design and space. There are ways to make the most of your tiny kitchen. You need to work with the kitchen layout it may be u-shaped tucked away in a corner or something else.
Here is a few tips to help with storage and styling when it comes to tiny kitchens. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch and build or doing a renovation give these tricks a try.

Keeping it concealed:
if you have a one wall kitchen installing some doors to hide the clutter in the small kitchen can be a good idea. A gallery kitchen is common in small apartments with a hallway like layout consisting of two parallel walls.

Install a prep area:
You may not have much space to do extensions or add a full-sized island,but you can use a table that doubles as an area to prep food as well as sit and dine. Even a narrow type works well by giving you somewhere to chop and dice and store utensils for easy reach.

Open the area up:
It can be hard to open up small kitchens completely without adding extensions. A little trick that can help when opening up your kitchen is to remove upper cabinets and replace with floating shelving. Have one cupboard to keep bulky items out of sight and the smaller items that you use often keep on the shelves for easy access. You can add a bench to the wall at the start of the living area that matches in with the rest of the living room space.

You can throw some nice stools underneath the bench in the living room and some fancy décor items and it can become a nice spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee. This adds for an extra spot for people to dine if you have visitors over.

Using pendant lights:
If you have an extra bench top or table that you are using for prepping it can be worthwhile to add some pendant lights or a row of new lighting to brighten up the area and give you more light to work with in the small kitchen.

L-shaped benchtop:
If you have a blank wall or corner install an L-shaped benchtop. This works with two perpendicular walls making use of the one single corner otherwise wasted.

Make use of a pot rack:
We all have those bulky pots and pans that are hard to keep from falling out of cupboards you can try hanging them from a pot rack to create a centerpiece in your kitchen. This will give you more cupboard space and you can design your pot rack to suit your style. If you like the industrial look, make use of black piping for the pot rack or if you prefer rustic you can use an old ladder.

All about matching:
In a small kitchen it can help to match everything together, so it flows together and opens it up. Look for panel ready appliances that all match together. Make sure the kettle and toaster are matching along with other décor items you may have sitting in your kitchen.
Even though your kitchen may be small there is still plenty you can do to improve storage space and give it a fresh and open feeling. You have to be happy with your kitchen.