Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home

There are a number of mistakes that people make when painting their homes. To save you from the ordeal of these unrecoverable mistakes, we have compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid.
1. Letting the tape on for long
Lining your windows and knobs with paint is an extremely slow process. At times you might feel like it is taking months due to its boring nature. However, it is something that is worth it even if it takes away a big amount of your time. The problem with painter’s tape is that if you leave it on for too long, it will scrape off layers of paint along with it. Even though, it might give you a very neat finish.

2. Abusing the floors
Do remember to keep some drop cloths ready to clean of any paint that you drop on the floor immediately. In case the pain gets dried, scraping it off might cost you a lot of damage to your floor which can look pretty nasty. So watch out for it.

3. Avoid jumping forward
Most people do not have enough patience when it comes to waiting for the pain to dry off. Instead, they go ahead to quote it with the second layer almost immediately. This is a big mistake and can ruin your pain. In the end, your wall may not look as smooth as it ought to be. So consider waiting for 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the humidity in the weather before going for a second coat.

4. Not priming before painting
Well, the thought of priming puts many people off for two major reasons. Firstly, it can add up to the costs and secondly, it can add up to the overall time. However, any surface that you want to paint needs to be primed first. This will allow you to get an even and smooth coat throughout. Well, the good news is that certain brands of paints now come with a formula that includes both the paint and primer in a single solution.

5. Not knowing the right/wrong tools
Sometimes, people continue to paint their walls with the wrong tools and end up getting mediocre results. This further results in costs that they bear later on. In comparison to this, having the right painting tools might need some initial investment, but it will allow you to have great results hence saving up a lot of maintenance costs later.

6. Not prepping up properly
Painting requires you to shake some leg and to prepare the surface that you want to pain first. This not only includes the priming but also includes the proper cleaning of the surface so that no amount of dust particles get died up along with the paint. Not cleaning up properly will result in an uneven finish of a paint in the end. This is something that you do not certainly want!

7. Choosing the finish and amount of paint
Many people think that choosing the right color of paint is the only technical aspect of painting. However, this is not true. In fact, choosing the right amount of paint is even more important as it can help you in saving up a lot of paint costs. Apart from that, choosing the right sheen or finish is also equally important. This is due to the fact that some sheens happen to be very tough to clean and also highlight small imperfections in the paint very vividly. For instance, a high gloss sheen or finish glows and makes all your painting imperfections very obvious to a naked eye. At the same time, matte finishes and sheens help in hiding any painting flaws that there are. On a downside, these happen to be quite difficult to clean up as compared to high gloss sheens.