How to Choose the Right Hotel and Resort

Paying to stay at a location away from home must offer some essential comforts. Choosing the right hotel or resort is impacted according to budget, location, facilities offered, duration of stay and customer reviews. The latter has significant impact on the final decision because these are people who have already been a guest at the facility andfirsthand experience is essential to understanding the culture and quality of service at the organisation.

Breaking down the essential from the non-essential necessities can guide in the search of the perfect spot. Resorts offer more variety than hotels such as multiple restaurants, multiple pools and various fun activities that would not require you to leave the resort. Tourists often opt to staying at resorts during their vacation because of the wide variety of amenities available and the seclusion from the fast-paced world tends to be more relaxing. If the purpose of the stay is to explore the country and not much time would be spent at the facility, then hotels would be the better option since they are most often, cheaper than resorts, depending on the brand, location and amenities offered.

Before narrowing down the search, it is always a good idea to use google maps to view the surroundings of the area you prefer to stay at. The following is a guide in deciphering which accommodation is most suited to your needs.


Set a budget of the minimum and maximum amount you would like to spend per night. This would be help in narrowing down whether you prefer to pay higher for somewhere with more amenities or vice versa.


Determine how long you would like to stay at the facility. Some hotels offer package deals such as stay three nights and get the fourth free.


Decide the locality such as on the beach, walking distance from the beach, close to transportation, near tourist attractions, etc.


Take into consideration how you would arrive at the facility. If you are driving, would parking be available and whether there is a fee attached. If arriving by plane, does the hotel offer an airport shuttle and whether there is a fee attached. Also consider how you would be moving around from the facility, such as whether it is close to local transportation or can the front desk call a taxi for you.


Usually, lower ended hotels may not have a restaurant so there would be no meals. However, most hotels and resorts have multiple restaurants and even room service. Options vary from all-inclusive, semi-inclusive and breakfast only which will be included in the price of the room. If you would like to cook your own food, you may want to check for a kitchenette while searching for room options. Some hotels may have a microwave in the room or a mini fridge.

Sleeping Accommodation:

Comfort is the most important factor in selecting a room. The number of persons allowed to stay in the room and the type of beds should be considered. Toilet and bath facilities are included in every room but additional features such as a tub or wheel chair access and toiletries may have to be requested or would increase the price of the room. Hotels sometimes offer a roll-away bed or crib if you request it while some may even be fitted with a couch. Air-conditioning may not be included depending on the country you visit.Some rooms may be larger than others and may include a balcony, kitchen, sitting area or even 2 bedrooms. The more amenities you require in your room, the higher the price.


Additional amenities to consider would be Internet access, gym facilities, activity areas such as tennis courts, pools etc. It is important to research, beforehand, the free services from the ones that incur a fee. This will help in staying within the budget and minimize the likelihood of surprises.

Customer reviews:

These help to determine the rating such as 1-star, 2-star, etc. It is recommended to search for facilities that are rated 3-stars and above for cleanliness. Lower star rating facilities may cause a negative impact on your experience and paying to stay somewhere would mean that you would like to have your money’s worth without fear of germs, bed bugs or dirty linen.