The Best Training Routine For Busy People

Workouts and training have become an integral part of many people’s lifestyle. People of every age group have started focusing on their health and fitness. However, for some people, it is a little tough task to get a workout session every day. Exercise is very important for our body to stay fit and healthy but sometimes we get to indulge in our work that we don’t have time to join a full gym session. If you are on a busy schedule and want to know some quick work out to stay fit then read the article below on the best training regime for busy people. You don’t need to go to the gym, you can train these at home.

Mountain Climbers

Maintain the same position as the push-up and your hands would be placed on the top of the bench with your wrist just below your shoulders. Then pull up your right knee up to the height of your chest. Now return your right knee back to the elevated position and bring the left knee up to the chest position simultaneously. Do this work out for at least 5 minutes every day.


If you are looking for a full body exercise then planks are the best ways to do it. Planks are good exercises as it involves a number of muscles load. Starting plank exercise is a challenging task but if you practise it regularly then it will gradually increase your strength and core muscles.

Triceps Dips

Place your arms on the chair seat with your back flat and legs out in front of your body. Just like regular dips end your arms along with your butt toward the ground with your elbow behind the body. Straight your arms to get to the start position. Practise regularly for at least 2 minutes.


Squats are the best workouts if you used to sit idle for a lo0ng period of time. Squats gives a proper exercise to your legs, butt and stomach. This work out also strengthens your knee and muscles protecting them from mechanical damage.


Sprinting is a good way to burn fat and build lean muscle. Sprinting can be done anywhere i.e., on the track, treadmill, field, etc. Sprinting gives a whole-body exercise making you fit and healthy.


Push-ups can be done at home. There are a variety of push-ups you can try out. The main target parts are the abs and chest. Remember to place your body near the ground. Practise this for at least 1 minute.

Bicycle crunches

Sit tall at your workout bench. Lean straight at the bench and bring your fingertips behind your toes. Bring your left knee and touch the left elbow with it. Repeat the steps alternating the knee and elbow.


You can take out 30 minutes of your busy schedule and work out at home doing this exercise to get a fit and healthy body.