Best Foods To Eat After Exercise

Food is necessary for daily functions. It is all the more important following exercise. What this means is that careful attention must be paid to what we eat after we workout. Therefore, it is important to know the best foods we could put into our bodies once we complete our workout. There is not a substantial difference in what makes a good post-workout meal whether we want to lose weight or bulk up.

Greek yogurt

For starters, Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt. Also, Greek yogurt is a great source of carbohydrates which are needed to replenish certain sugars that our body expends during exercise. Oatmeal is a filling way to satisfy your need for carbohydrates. I can recommend oatmeal due to my own personal experiences and the experiences of other people I know. There is also a chance that oatmeal can stave off premature death as well. Of course, a fast and easy fix for your protein requirement is a protein shake with various add-ins for extra nutrients.

Protein bars

Although protein bars can be highly dangerous, they can also be beneficial.  It is essential to read the nutrition facts on the wrapper in order to determine the proper course of action. In addition, beets can aid in muscle recovery. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to consume beets. Beets have also been known to lower blood pressure and promote heart health. Like beets, there are numerous ways to consume eggs. They can benefit you after your workout whether they are scrambled, fried, or hard-boiled. Eggs are filled with nutrients and are considered a perfect protein since they contain the nine essential amino acids.


Certain fruits can help with muscle soreness after a workout. A study conducted discovered that athletes who drank watermelon juice felt significantly less soreness after twenty-four hours than athletes who did not drink watermelon juice. Apart from juice, watermelons can be blended and consumed as smoothies. Blueberry juice and cherry juice can also alleviate muscle soreness.

What berries do is reduce the level of oxidative stress that the human body is subjected to after a workout. There are benefits to eating quinoa after a workout too. Quinoa is packed with iron and fiber. This is another food that is considered a complete protein due to it having all nine essential amino acids. Luckily for those who cannot consume gluten, quinoa is gluten-free. 

Chocolate milk

Interestingly, what we drink also plays a role in how our bodies react to a workout. Chocolate milk is a popular post-workout recovery drink. Chocolate milk contains protein and carbohydrates among other things that are vital for the recovery of the body after a hard workout. More specifically, chocolate milk has twice the amount of carbohydrates and proteins of plain milk and other drinks. Due to the water content of chocolate milk, chocolate milk is a good way to restore fluids lost from sweating.

There are a plethora of foods available for us to eat after we finish a workout. The list of foods is so diverse that there is plenty of room for us to choose what we would like to consume. With this laundry list of foods (which is by no means exhaustive) before you, the choice is yours. Eating healthier could not be any more fun.