Beginner Exercises for Healthier Life-Style

Beginning to exercise may seem daunting and scary if you are overweight. This is understandable because people carrying extra weight may experience pain when doing certain types of exercises. They may also feel self-conscious and uncomfortable while doing the exercises.
The good news is there are certain ways obese people can ease into a regular exercise routine and be able to enjoy the benefits of fitness and improved health.

Beginner Exercises for People Who Want To Lose Weight


One of the easiest and most effective methods of easing into healthy living is to incorporate walking into your everyday life. Taking walks is a good method because it is free and you can do it nearly anywhere, whether inside or out. You can begin by parking farther away from where you work or taking the family out for an evening stroll in the neighborhood.
For people who are excessively overweight, walking can be difficult and may cause pain. However, you can try walking slowly as this will also burn calories. When you are carrying extra weight, you exert more energy to move your body and this causes you to gradually lose weight when you constantly walk.

Try to stretch

Before you begin stretching, warm up by marching in place for five minutes or more. You can begin by doing simple stretches such as raising your arms over your head and then bending down to touch your toes. You can twist your waist or rotate various joints by circling your ankles and wrists.

Beginner Exercises for People Who Want To Lose Weight

Do strengthening exercises

Try strapping light weights onto your wrists or hands and pump your arms as you work. Try to do push-ups against the wall using your own body weight as resistance. Also, incorporate some lunges or squats into your daily workout routine. Try simple beginner workouts like raising light weights over your head and lowering them down.

Walk up a flight of stairs

Every time you walk up a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator, you burn calories. Climbing the stairs every day will help you build muscle strength and endurance. A good way to ease into stair climbing is to walk one or two flights of stairs every day at a relaxed pace. Stair-walking can build strength in your hamstrings, gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and calves. Consistency is key. You can also try to walk up and down the stairs during lunch break in your office or at hotels while traveling.

Beginner Exercises for People Who Want To Lose Weight

Try to jog

A person who has been walking for a while can decide to increase the pace by jogging. Jogging can help to triple your calorie burn. A 10-minute jog every day can do wonders for people looking to get healthy by losing calories. Jogging will also help you develop stronger bones and according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, joggers had a higher bone density than people who were inactive.

Join exercise groups that are working towards the same goal as yours. Try to find community groups or institutions where you will meet like-minded people that you can get support from as you embark on your weight-loss journey.