The Amazing Benefits Of Getting A Massage

Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome; other studies also suggest benefit for other populations.

Andrew Weil

If you’ve ever been to a massage therapist and have enjoyed a good time with an amazing masseur, you’d agree with Andrew Weil. In Andrew Weil’s idea, the major benefit of massage therapy is a reduction in depression. With root digging deep to the early civilization of Greece, Egypt, and Rome, massage therapy has proved as old as the Renaissance age. It is believed that Caesar got massaged once in a day in treatment for neuralgia. With over 200 types of massage, you might want to consult your therapist over the right choice for you. Whatever the type of massage therapy you might have picked or will love to pick, the benefits are far grander than what you think. In this article, you will see the practical benefits of getting a massage.

Amazing Benefits Of Getting a Massage

Reduces muscular pain

Just as Andrew Weil said, people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome just need massage therapy. Muscular pain might be a result of many situations. A secretary who spends the whole day behind the screen of a desktop all day long, an athlete who gets an injury on the field of play, a student who slouches-all will suffer from muscular pain. These pains are caused by poor oxygen circulation, but massage increases circulation and toxins are moved away from the muscles.

Boosts mood

Stress can be a big reason for foul moods. Massage has been found to relieve stress. Relieving stress cannot be underestimated. Massage helps relax and is a natural mood booster. Serving as great therapy, a good massage might just be what you need after a very stressful day. Cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress, is regulated by the counter production of the feel-good hormone.

Quality night rest

Melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleeping, when absent or produced minimally results in insomnia. Massaging is considered highly effective in inducing and improving the quality of sleep. Massages help create a rest state by inducing the production of melatonin. If you constantly suffer from constant insomnia, get a schedule with a masseur.

Better Immune System

You might be surprised as to how massage can strengthen our immune system. With little medical terms, it’s well known that white blood cells are responsible for fighting parasites or “intruders”. Massage has been known to facilitate better blood circulation and as white blood cells circling freely, you’ve fewer worries over sickness such as the common cold. Massage will help your immune system fight illness. Good massage therapy will help enhance your well-being.

Amazing Benefits Of Getting a Massage

Migraine relieves

Migraine comes with quite a lot of pain and headaches. Such headaches are triggered by muscular tensions. These tensions induce pain sensation in the brain and the brain triggers pain in the body. These pains when frequent might be quite unbearable. You need a full body massage. You might wonder why, but research has shown that several migraine sufferers reported fewer headaches after being administered massage therapy.  Massage will help relieve pain trigger points.

Help with side effects of cancer

Massage has been found to be more than a stress-relieving therapy, it has found great application in metastatic cancer. With better sleep, less pain, cancer patients can live a quality life. Massage therapy has helped reduce pain, fatigue in cancer patients.

A better digestive system

Massage stimulates digest response. It induces proper intestinal movement; this prevents problem indigestion such as constipation. It promotes the release of digesting hormones for reabsorption of food nutrients. It optimizes the operation of the entire body by releasing stress off vital organs.

Look younger

Desire to look younger, healthier, and fresher? Getting a good massage is your best bet to shed off dead skin cells. Massage, like a fine wine, do a lot of good to improve your skin appearance.


There are a lot of benefits that vibes along with massage therapy. Want to enjoy unexplained wellness and well-being? Do well to get a massage.