All in the Family Cast and Facts – Things You Need to Know

Being a televisions series that tackle controversial subjects like rape, homophobia, and racism, All in the Family has really and immediately changed the face of television. It signified a flood of other situational comedies dealing with controversial topics in realistic ways. The series also includes The Jeffersons, Chico & The Man, Good Times, Maude, Sanford, and Son.
We will reveal some of the interesting facts and the cast of the series that you have not once heard before.

Mickey Rooney Actually Turned Down the Role of Archie

As Lear thrown the series to Rooney, he described the role as a bigot who uses words just like the spade. It was then that Carroll O’ Connor read for the role. After the refusal of Rooney, he landed immediately into the role.

Mickey Rooney

CBS’s Robert Wood Helped the Show to Get on the Air

It was Robert Wood who had helped the show to get on the air. According to the market research, a younger demographic love more socially related and more cutting-edge shows. It is deemed as relevant enough as a replacement series.

Robert Wood

The Future Wife of Rob Reiner, Penny Marshall, Almost Landed in the Role of Mrs. Stivic

The future wife of Rob Reiner named Penny Marshall almost landed in the role of Mrs. Stivic. She was summoned before the role to do improve and read lines with Reiner. But, Struthers had been chosen.

Penny Marshall

The Porches Did Not Match the Exterior of the Home in Queens

In considering the porch scenes and in looking closely at the exterior of the home in Queens, the porches did not match. The series emphasized that the porch had held several people. But before the original exterior filmed, it could not.

all in the family living room

All in the Family was the Most Important Television Series of All Time

The series became the most important of all minorities and for women. The public affairs are brought to light in a thought-provoking and comical way. It emphasized crazed situations, brash views, film-making techniques and envelope-pushing elements.

all in the family awards

The Success of the Program Led to More Spin-Offs Galore

The program had become successful as it led to more spin-offs galore like the Archie Bunker’s Place, The Jeffersons, Maude, and Gloria. This had also captivated the original taste of Americans living on strong today.


The Show Received a Lot of Mail and Calls About the Theme Song

Before the first two seasons, many have asked and called to ask about the last line of the opening theme story. They had trouble in understanding “Gee; our old LaSalle ran great.” It was then that the song was recorded to season 3.

all in the family theme song

Sally Struthers Had Issues on Her Contract

Struthers was refused to be given time off if ever she would land the role from All in the Family. The Tandem Productions also countered by having her signed in a contract that avoided her from appearing as a celebrity or an actress than All in the Family.

Sally Struthers

The Debate on Sock and Shoe was Based on a Real-Life Incident

The habit of Reiner of putting a sock and shoe on one foot before dressing the other one is based on real life story. Reiner just related it to the writers, and it was included in the scene.

Sock and Shoe all in the family

Edith Did Not Really Die [/post_page_title]
Edith did not pass away as the poignant scene emphasized that Archie wept while he held Edith’s pink slipper. The scene happened during the first episode of the 2nd season of Archie Bunker’s Place.

Edith Did Not Really Die

The Show Also Featured a Complete Frontal Male Nudity

The show also featured frontal male nudity with a 3-week old baby named Joey Stivic. The show also shattered a taboo in the year of 1976. The nudity was also germane and filmed to the plot. On that same year, an official doll which was physically correct was released.


Carroll O’ Connor Did Write the Lyrics before the Closing Theme Song

It was Carroll O’ Connor who initiated his lyrics. He also received credit for being a co-writer. He approached Kellaway to share something that would make the instrumental better and more impressive.

all in the family Carroll O’ Connor

Four of the Episodes were Taped When on a Salary Dispute

There are salary disputes concerning O’Connor protesting over his working conditions and wages. The three episodes were filmed starting with “Where is Archie?” He claimed that the production owed him 64, 000 dollars in back pay.

Salary Dispute

The Viewer Backlash Did not Actually Materialize

Extra operators had been hired to handle the onset of outraged telephone calls. Only a few viewers were offended. Americans embraced Archie Bunker than just be repulsed by him. Campaign buttons and bumper stickers were all around.

all in family phone

CBS Aimed for Something Edgy and Within Reason

The network requested something that is edgy and within reason. Homosexual terminology was kept to such a minimum the fairy and the queer should also need to be used sparingly. The regular fella was also preferred to be really “straight.”

cbs show

Most of Archie Bunker Was Based on the Father of Norman Lear

Lear usually told his son as the laziest kid that has ever been seen. He was then called as Meathead. The characters in the series seemed to be shouting all the time as the entire family seemed to speak in volume.

Archie Bunker

The Show Is planned to be Ended with Season 8

The show has been planned to be ended with season 8. The title of the season would be “All in the Family: The Stivics Go West.” There had also been a goodbye party right after the taping.

Season 8

Rob Reiner Also Auditioned for the Main/Original Pilot

It was Rob Reiner who also paid time auditioning for the main/original pilot. Nevertheless, he was turned down. As the 3rd pilot was already in production, Lear saw Reiner in another movie in 1970 and gave him a chance.

All in the Family - 1971

Mike Stivic Role Was Also Offered to Harrison Ford

Many have no idea that the role of Mike Stivic was also offered to none other than Harrison Ford. Nevertheless, the latter turned it down since he felt that Archie’s bigotry is somehow too offensive.

Harrison ford

Scott Brady Was Also Offered with the Role of Archie Bunker

Scott Brady was also offered the role of Archie Bunker. Nevertheless, he had turned it down, and he just appeared in the series with a different character. This is somehow another interesting fact that you must consider.

Scott Brady

All in the Family Was the First-Ever Program on Television to Earn Emmys

With the active participation of the casts members, the series just became the first-ever program on television. It had earned Emmys Awards, and it did captivate the heart and the attention of all viewers.

ALL IN THE FAMILY Wins Outstanding Comedy

Vincent Gardenia Also Appeared in Several Episodes

Vincent has also appeared in several episodes. Right after that, he also assumed playing the role of none other than Frank Lorenzo. Now, you have a basic understanding of his active participation in the series.

Vincent Gardenia

Jean Stapleton Just Pushed through Her Role in the Series

Jean Stapleton just pushed through her role in the series. She was more than interested in it than starring in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in the year of 1971. She would play the role of Mrs. Teevee.

all in the family Jean Stapleton

Rob Reiner Started to Lose His Hair Fast

Rob Reiner already felt starting losing his hair fast. This was actually when the show debuted that he began wearing hairpiece halfway the very first season of the show. This was not even noticed by viewers at that time.

Rob Reiner

ABC Originally Financed the Plot

The original pilot of the series was financed by ABC. Right after the screening of the 1st pilot, producers were given with money in shooting a 2nd pilot along other new actors in Mike and Gloria roles.

abc pilot

All in the Family as the First U.S. Series in Television to be Shot Infront a Studio Audience

This was shot before a studio audience. There were also two performances that were shot. As per the version in broadcast, it did combine the most impressive takes. This is exactly how the comedy series were shot today.


The Character role of Archie Bunker Ranked #24

Archie Bunker’s role ranked #24 in the list of the fifty greatest television dads of all time. This was actually during the 2004 issue on the 20th day of June. Indeed, it amazed a lot of people for the character role played.

Archie Bunker

The Reformat of the Series Took Place in 1979

In the year of 1979, the series was then reformatted. This was then named as Archie Bunker’s Place. This also captivated the attention of a lot of viewers. Despite the sudden reformat, it still became popular.


Easy Chairs are Now Put on Display

The easy-chairs that were once used by Edith and Archie in the famous series are not on display. The location of the display was at the Smithsonian. Indeed, even the chairs held a remarkable place in the hearts of all.

All_in_the_family_Easy Chairs

Dr. Alvin Poussaint and Bill Cosby Just Became the Critics of All in the Family

Almost all series had its critics, and All in the Family was never exempted. Dr. Alvin and Bill Cosby just became the critics who were once consultants of “The Cosby Show.” They mentioned that racism became a laughing matter.

Dr. Alvin Poussaint

The Jeffersons Was Still the Longest Running Series for 11 Seasons

The Jeffersons were still considered as the longest running series for 11 seasons as compared to All in the Family. Despite this known fact, it cannot be denied the fact that it caught the attention of the viewers.

The Jeffersons

“Stifle, Edith!” Ranked #12

The famous line usually uttered by Archie, “Stifle, Edith!” ranked number twelve in the television guide and the list of 20 Top Catchphrases. This was actually in the 2005 issue from August 21 to August 27.

Stifle, Edith!

Archie Strange Pronunciation of Edith’s Name

Archie usually gives Edith a nickname, and it is “Dingbat”. Nevertheless, it is not a known fact that he usually pronounced it as Ee-dit. This just had made all the difference in the set.


Edith Continued hers Gag of Incompetent Singing Despite Her expertise in Singing

Incompetent singing has also been observed in the series. Nevertheless, it is not a known fact to many viewers that in real life, she is an accomplished and professionally trained one who appeared in productions and musical theater.

Edith singing

Mike Evans Also Acted and Auditioned for the Role of Lionel Jefferson

Mike Evans had never acted and auditioned at his best for the role of Lionel Jefferson. Nevertheless, John Rich, the director felt in his heart that the former was great and was fit in the role.

Mike Evans