All About Getting In Shape

There are a lot of peeole who use the term ‘in shape’, but what they want to say when they use this term? To some, it is the ability to run far or lift heavy weights but for others it has to do with measurements like body-fat percentage. But it really means to be ‘in shape’? Well, keep reading our article and discover the mystery of this word so used every day. Let’s see what it is about!

Test your fitness body!

To test your aerobic fitness, a lab will measure your VO2Max, a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen you can make use of during exercise and it is commonly used as a measure of endurance. Like most measures of fitness, VO2Max declines with age but, by engaging in physical activity that makes you breathe heavily, you can improve it. While you can’t do a full VO2Max test without specialized equipment, you can use a special online calculator to get an estimate of your VO2Max but you can also use your time for a 1.5 mile run to assess aerobic fitness for your age.
Body composition is another useful measure and while not all fat is bad, there are certain forms of fat, like belly fat, that can indicate the presence of potentially dangerous fat around your organs. Body composition is a measure of lean mass, presenting how much of your weight is muscle and bone and also how much is body fat.
Power is also a key measure of fitness because it is the ability to rapidly adjust with a muscle contraction to catch yourself. If you want to measure your power, all you need to do is an easier test: a vertical jump.

How to know you are ‘in shape’?

You don’t need to track all these measurements to make sure that you are healthy and fit, just try to make sure you meet basic fitness recommendations. Five days of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (for example, 30 minutes of brisk walk or a casual bike ride) is enough to meet the aerobic guidelines and then, two days including resistance training that involves weights or body-weight exercises, since those activities are the best ways to strengthen bones and muscles. If you want more flexibility, just mix some stretching or yoga exercises.
If you consider that it is too difficult for you, you can do vigorous exercise like running or swimming for only 75 minutes each week and you will feel your heart pumping.
In conclusion, we hope we help you considering this mysterious term ‘in shape’. Well, you can be in shape easier than you think and you don’t need to be an expert or an athletic to say that. Only one or two hours per week and you will become a new person. Now, what are you waiting for? Stop the internet and start practicing. You don’t have reasons to abandon. Good luck and we are sure that sooner or later you will be in shape.