8 Office Workouts You Should Definitely Try Out

Working out in the office is a trend that is continually catching on with more people wanting to live healthier lifestyles but failing to find time to actually get to a gym and work out. Office workouts involve working out while going about normal office tasks and duties.

Some of the exercises that you can actually do while sitting at your desk or standing in the office include:

  1. Squats- these don’t need to be technical, just try to stand up straight from your seat and sit back down slowly. Repeat these movements a couple of times.
  2. Push-ups- now before you get alarmed about getting on the floor to do these; you can try wall push-ups instead and achieve the same effects. You can also try to do them against the edge of your desk
  3. Wall sits- with your back straight against the wall, you can slowly lower your body to a sitting position and then take it right back up and repeat the exercise for a few reps.
  4. Jogging- this can be done on the spot, right in front of your desk. Slowly walking as you work and picking up the pace over time can be good cardio for your body. Some offices even have treadmills with a desk in front of it so that employees can work out as they go about their day
  5. Leg raises- these can be done while sitting at your desk. Simply push back your chair and lift your legs off the ground upwards and reducing the angle between your thighs and your back to less than 90. Bringing your legs as high as you can is highly recommended to give your lower abs a more intense workout.
  6. Arm stretches- sitting in a specific position over a long period of time can cause anyone to be sore around the shoulders. To counter this, you can reach out above your head using your right hand and move it towards the left side and repeat the exercise by using your left hand to reach out to the right side.  This will exercise your shoulder and neck muscles effectively removing the soreness you had before. Adding something heavy to this routine such as a rim of paper can go a long way to make these movements even more intense.
  7. Walking up and down a flight of stairs is another form of exercise that you can do while at the office. Many people shy away from using the staircases and prefer to get on lifts instead. Taking walking meetings on the way to other meetings will also help you reduce the number of items on your agenda in a clever way.
  8. Head turns- sitting in the same position while working on your laptop or computer can really hurt your neck. Turning your head as far as you can to your left and right will help relieve tension from your neck.

Working out at the office doesn’t have to be as involving as it would be in the gym. Taking the time to do these simple movements can help you improve your body functions and even improve your productivity in the workplace.