7 Shaving Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Skin

Shaving can give you a transforming look when it is done correctly. It gives a very smooth, clean look to the skin that actually makes you feel happy. You may have been doing shaving from years but still sometimes you get cuts, burns, nicks; that mean you are doing something wrong or can say that you are not always doing it right. Here are the 7 most common shaving mistakes that can wreck your skin –

  1. Dry Shaving – When people don’t lather up i.e. when they do dry shaving then it always leaves the skin dry along with little cuts, skin damage, razor burn and red bumps. No doubt, dry shaving saves time but gel and shaving creams are made for this purpose only so that razor can easily glide on the skin. Even soap or water is better than nothing.
  2. Using disposable razor more than a week – If you are shaving everyday then you need to replace your disposable razor once in a week because dull blades can cause cuts, nicks, irritation and razor bumps. Not only this, old blades can lead to cause bacteria and thus can cause infection. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to the number of days you have been using your razor. If you feel irritation then doesn’t use that razor anymore.
  3. Shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth – It’s true that shaving in opposite direction will give close shaving but it is painful also. Also the blunt tip of the hair can grow back to the skin. Especially in case of sensitive skin it is recommended to shave in the same direction of your hair growth. Apply serum or gel if your skin is prone to razor burn.
  4. Doing it fast – To save time most of the people try to do shaving as fast as they can but a little cut may lead to lot of blood. Fast shaving will also not give a clean look. If in case you got a cut then press that area until bleeding stops but if you are not having much time then you can simply put little astringent on it and then rub the area with antiperspirant. This technique will halt the blood flow.
  5. Applying too much pressure – When you are applying too much pressure on the razor then you get more uneven skin surface. Multi-bladed skins can shave below the skin and can cause infection and ingrown hairs when you press too hard.
  6. Not using exfoliator beforehand – This is something that most of the people avoid to do and this is the reason behind razor bumps. Using exfoliator beforehand will remove dead skin cells. Along with this, it will glide razor over the skin easily and you will get a smooth finishing.
  7. No Moisturizer afterwards – It is really important to moisturize your skin as soon as you come out of the shower because it is recommended to apply moisturizer on damp skin as everything will lock in there only. Most of the people skip this step and it results into dry and dehydrated skin. It is also recommended to dab Hydrating body oil on the area as it will reduce the redness and inflation.

Like any other thing, shaving also has a way and it should be done in those ways only if you want good results. By following the tips in the above points, one can improve a lot and can have parlour like finishing and smooth skin at home only and there will no need to spend money over there.