6 Need to Know Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee for Your Health

The love a consumer has for coffee is unbelievable! Many consumers wake up during the day and their first thought is drinking a hot cup of coffee. There have been a lot of studies performed on the world most famous beverage that shows the bad, but many never look for the good. When this beverage has been constantly trashed by the people that never loved it, the ones that love it might question how can this beverage improve their health. There are many health benefits of this beverage.

1. Coffee helps to improve tiredness.

Coffee helps improve your energy levels quickly and in a healthier way. Yes, there are energy drinks out there on the market, but they are filled with sugar and other harmful substances. Coffee’s only other ingredient is water.

2. Caffeine helps to improve physical appearance.

It is known that caffeine helps to stimulate the nervous system. When caffeine enters the body, it sends a signal to the fat cells and it instantly starts to break down body fats.  This helps to boost one’s metabolism by 4-11% with one cup before exercise. Many consumers have now started to drink coffee before a workout by adding butter to the beverage.

3. Coffee is filled with a lot of great nutrients.

Consumers should start looking at coffee as more than just hot black water. It is filled with so much nutrients that it’s unbelievable. In a single cup of coffee, you can get vitamin B12, vitamin B5, Magnesium and Potassium, and Magnesium and Niacin (B3).

4. Caffeine has shown that it lowers risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. Drinking a single cup of coffee, a day can help lowers the chances of a person of getting this disease. Most people would say that when coffee is served decaf,  it has a better impact, but this is not true. 32-60% of people that drink straight black coffee stand a better chance.

5. Coffee can help with depression.

Depression is a serious thing. Many people around the world go through this everyday and never seem to find out a way. Drinking a cup of coffee can help getting out of this state of mind. By consuming two or more cups of coffee a day, the burst of energy flowing through your mind and body helps that person to think about the good things in life.

6. Coffee can help to lower heart disease and strokes.

Many have claimed that it is not good for heart because it speeds up the heartbeat. Coffee has proven itself time and time again that it has good health benefits. By drinking one cup a day, it can decrease heart disease. 20% of coffee drinks have shown that it lowers risk of strokes.