6 Benefits Of Showering In Hot Water

Research has shown that heat between 95 and 105 Fahrenheit is the one good for your skin. That’s the reason why taking hot showers should be your priority if you are looking forward to make your skin better. We are going to look at some of the benefits that come with taking a hot shower.

6 Benefits Of Showering In Hot Water

1. Improves circulation

Hot water provides warmth underneath your skin, which significantly accelerate circulation. This streamlines blood flow ensuring the rich oxygen is distributed around the whole body. The clean oxygenated blood is therefore put unto use hence improving your health.
Relieves pain in the muscles and joints
When exposed to hot water, the muscles tend to relax allowing your body to repair itself without much stress. Regular use of hot water is recommended in order to relieve unnecessary muscle and joint pains especially after manual work.

2. Cleansing the skin

Pores on the skin just like the stomata in plants do clog up when exposed to dust or any other tiny particles. This could be dangerous because sweat from the body may not be excreted and its accumulation may be quite toxic affecting your health. However, all these can be easily avoided once you take a hot shower. The steam in the hot water will aid in opening up the pores and releasing the impurities that clog the skin up.

3. Cleansing the nasal passage

Apart from cleansing the skin, hot water also plays a major role in ensuring that your breathing airways are free from blockage. Its steam loosens the mucus and phlegm, when you are having a cold, and lets it out therefore enhancing the rate of breathing. Moreover, the hot water will relieve the opportunistic body aches that accompany a cold.

4. Insomnia and stress relief

Stress is one of the main causes of insomnia. One of the ways to conquer this lack of sleep is taking a hot shower. For those who would prefer immediate feedback, then I suggest you accompany your hot shower with lavender oil. Your nerves will be completely calmed down together with your mind and body. You will indeed experience what we call a good night’s sleep.

5. Warming you up before workouts

After getting a good night’s sleep, you will realize that your muscles are not flexible as they should be moments prior to a workout. Therefore you will need to warm your body up with a hot shower so that you can loosen your body and get set for the workout. Besides, your blood flow will be improved. Your exercises will also be more effective and enjoyable, after all, you had warmed up.

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6. Providing you with the effect of a massage

Looking for a quick massage? Experiencing stiffness in your neck and shoulders? A hot shower’s got you! All you need to do is allow hot water to slide over you for about eight to ten minutes. However, exceeding this time limit may be harmful as it might dry your skin up. All said and done, it is quite clear that a hot shower has great benefits to your body health.